SMB makes these data storage choices

Data Storage has become the most vital component of an every midsize business’s IT infrastructure. Over the past few years, organizations are increasingly relying on their storage solutions, in order to organize the growth of unstructured and structured data generated by them due to their market expansion. A recent survey taken up by a well known storage firm revealed that half of the firms which took part in the survey have inactive data, which means there is room to improve this strategic part of their IT.

TwinStrata, a cloud storage firm now acquired by EMC took up a survey in the name of CloudTech. The survey revealed that mid size organizations are struggling to cope up with the generated data and nearly half of the data is left untouched for months. Out of the total respondents who took part in the survey, nearly 56% of them admitted that half of their generated data remains inactive for months. Meanwhile, 22% of organization who took part in the poll admitted that a quarter of their data was inactive. The survey also revealed that more than half of data at 60% of firms was more than a petabyte in capacity and almost all of the respondents from this said percentage agreed that they prefer to buy storage rather than consolidating it by deleting.

The findings also revealed that IP SAN are the most popular storage options with 53% adoption, while NAS was standing second with 41% adoption rate. The remaining percentage of storage options was occupied by backup, tapes and cloud services.

As midsize startups are producing more data than ever before, the need for storage space for both active and inactive data is increasing tremendously. One of the major challenges encountered by them while choosing a storage solution is to get a product which offers performance, integrity and scalability necessary for increased productivity. Therefore, IT professionals at midsize firms seek solutions that support accessibility, availability and reliable backup.

This is where a careful access has to be done by the IT professionals before going for a solution from a storage vendor. They must find out what their enterprise needs and then choose accordingly the solution. There are different models in the market, like block storage, file storage, software based storage and data defined storage (a new trend) on this note. But before getting to them, the mid size firms IT professional must carefully understand the basics of these solutions and then find out what fits into their needs on a perfect note.

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