Use StoneFly™ SCVM to create a virtual storage appliance

StoneFly™ Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine software allows its users to create a networked IP Storage along with a server virtual machine, all on the same hardware platform. So, the need to buy a separate box for your storage gets eliminated and thus increase in productivity, simplify management and reduction in power and rack space requirements can be witnessed.

Moreover, by creating an iSCSI target within a VMware virtual server, StoneFly customers may reallocate existing hardware resources to create a business continuity and disaster recovery solution.

In today’s storage world, data deduplication offers the greatest potential to deliver substantial and recurring impact on cost and manageability of data growth. Thus, StoneFly which has been delivering the best and latest to its users is providing deduplication as an option. StoneFly, Inc., users can use this feature in order to increase the storage efficiency of their appliance. By opting for this feature, StoneFly SCVM users can fit 5x to 137x more data within the same storage footprint with minimal impacts to overall performance.

Other premium benefits of StoneFly™ SCVM Virtual Storage Appliance installation are as follows-

  • It lowers operational costs to data centers by providing quick Return to Operation in the event of local site failure. This is possible with the ability to create a DR Site in a Box.
  • For those who are looking for an IP storage appliance, but lack the space and budget to purchase a new hardware, StoneFly SCVM Virtual Storage Appliance will be the right solution to rely on.
  • Your existing server storage can be transformed into a clustered storage system that can be managed as a single SAN. Therefore, with this feature users can use all of the VMware ESXs advanced features that need shared storage.
  • SCVM of stonefly can be used to provide storage to multiple servers without disruption. Moreover, the storage can also be increased without experiencing any downtime.

For a free download of free trial follow the SCVM Virtual Storage Appliance link or call 510.265.1616

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