These are the Benefits of Video Surveillance

The level of security threats is increasing day by day and so almost every business is looking to add some extra security cover to its present corridor. Here, one option would be to hire security guards in order to patrol our entire business environment. This seems to be one of the best security options, provided you are ready to shell out substantial hourly wage to the guard to stay awake at night and watch your business assets.

But for those who are looking for an alternative, which is almost on par with the vigilance carried out by a security guard, installing a video surveillance system will be a good option to look into, as it also goes easy on your pocket. Though, the one time investment made on the surveillance system can give us a feeling that it is turning too expensive on an initial note, it can surely pay a dividend and justify its presence on long run.

Therefore, for those who are looking to go for this alternative, but are first interested in weighing down the advantages of having a video surveillance system in place, here’s an article to look for.

  • First of all, security cameras do not fall asleep. Unless, a technical glitch hits them.
  • Security Surveillance cameras provide an accurate portrayal of events.
  • These cameras help in deterring potential burglars/predators and help in reducing employee theft.
  • Security cameras save you from frivolous/maligning lawsuits. For instance, let us suppose a visitor visits your store/office the other day and the next day comes for a claim that they had a bad fall in your premises and so need a heavy compensation. If you have a camera watching your premises and the people visiting it, you can immediately produce video evidence that they were safe in your premises and sue that person for maligning your image in public. But if a camera doesn’t exist or a fake camera is installed then only god can save you from being sued for a heavy sum of compensation.
  • You can keep an eye on your staff activities and make sure that they are offering the right productivity as per your expectations.
  • Security camera installations will provide a heavy discount on your business insurance policy.
  • If your premises (it can be your home/business or an office) are fitted with security cameras and if they are connected to a networked computer system, then you can check on your business/property on your mobile while you are out of town.

Now, that you have come across few benefits, the next question which will pop up into your mind is where you should you install these cameras and the numbers to include. Well, generally, most business heads prefer installing the cameras in prime locations like entrances/exit points, where money is located and in employee break rooms. If you are into merchandizing, then it is a good idea to point them at the merchandize floor to catch shoplifters in the act. On the whole, it depends on the objective.

Note – Irrespective of the type of installation you chose i.e. analog or IP video surveillance, it is mandatory to alert your staff and visitors about the presence of security cameras through sign boards. You can install boards at the entrance and let them know that they are being monitored.

If you feel like adding more to this article, please feel free to share your thoughts in our comments session.

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