Demand for Unified Data Protection products is increasing!

Unified Data Protection products demand is increasing day by day and this was revealed in the latest survey conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC). For years, data protection products like deduplication appliances, disaster recovery systems, and backup appliances were available as separate systems that storage managers had to grapple with.

But now the trend has changed as storage vendors are coming up with unified data protection products that have a number of data protection technologies merged into a single and centrally managed system. That means, products used for archiving, backup, DR and Failover are being combined into a single product that has the capability to cover a wide range of heterogeneous environments like Physical, virtual, cloud, VMware, Hyper-V, Windows, Linux, Unix, disk, Tape….

“The demand for such products is increasing in such a way that the storage industry is getting to the point where the demand for standalone archive, backup, replication and failover products will eventually fade away”, said Eric Burgenerm an analyst at IDC.

Thus, going with this trend, StoneFly, Inc., which is a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory and a pioneer in offering iSCSI Storage appliances, has come up with StoneFly DR365 appliance which offers backup and disaster recovery solution in a single box. The DR365 of StoneFly is being offered with a flexibility to replace the fixed hardware model of the past with on-demand resource allocation based on the customer’s application needs. Additionally, DR 365 appliance can back up any of the client’s physical workstations, servers and their attached storage devices.

“Customers are demanding for all-in-one storage solutions these days, where single appliance is intended to consolidate all their server, storage and backup needs and that is what StoneFly DR365 delivers primarily,” said Mo Tahmasebi, President and CEO of StoneFly, Inc.

For an additional layer of disaster recovery, 365vault backups can be securely replicated using military grade 256-bit AES encryption to a second DR365 appliance, a backup appliance such as 365Vault or 365Vault V-series or a StoneFly Cloud Business Center in case of catastrophic disaster at the primary site. Therefore, for those environments where data continuity is essential for continuity of their enterprise business and where zero downtime is mandatory, a StoneFly DR365 appliance will be an ideal choice.

This appliance not only helps in consolidating all your server and storage needs, but also helps in making your backup needs foolproof from any kind of disaster by offering business continuity to all your businesses which are widespread around the world. This is possible, as data will be primarily available on-premises i.e. in the appliance, secondarily on the Amazon Web Services (if the client opts for Amazon Public cloud services) and lastly on the platform of StoneFly Cloud Business Center which is a data center of StoneFly.

For more technical details call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly DR365 Unified data protection appliance.

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