Pacifica Police Department uses DNF Security NAS for its video storage challenges

Pacifica Police Department is using DNF Security NAS in order to counter the challenges of video storage and recording. Therefore at a cost-effective price point, the Pacifica Police department has gained a centralized digital video data storage system in the form of DNF Security NAS which is scalable and requires lower resources for system administration.

Today, with a population of nearly 50,000, the beautiful city of Pacifica which is located 12 miles South of San Francisco has efficient police department which allows officers to make electronic reports from the field. For this reason, their cars are equipped with in-car video cameras which update the record of all officer interactions with the citizens. As the technology improved, those analog systems were replaced by digital cameras which produced high quality audio and video files. The enhanced clarity of digital videos gives the department clearer images that leave a permanent record and reduce the need for officers to testify in person. Moreover, these videos are also helpful in serving as training manuals for under training officers.

Due to the high value of importance of these videos, the Pacifica Police Department was in a look out for an efficient recording & storage which is highly redundant and scalable as per their organization growth. An enquiry made by the Pacifica IT department on its data storage needs determined that it daily amasses 28GB of video per day with their cameras (based on various factors) which amount to approximately 10TB per year. Thus, by managing and protecting the recording was utmost priority as they wanted a solution that makes it easier for them to file and access reports, while supporting the regulations for data storage and management.

DNF Security offered them its NAS which allows the police officers record and store videos from cameras facing front. Therefore, there were able to record the moving or stopped vehicles and also the people who were interacting with them. Officers were allowed to carry a remote to activate their cameras while away from their vehicles. All the recorded videos are then uploaded to the department’s mobile video management system from the patrol cars through a wireless network service.

With the help of DNF NAS, the Pacifica Police department officials were able to search videos on an instant note, by time and date, by vehicles and by officers and bookmarks.

Getting technical, DNF Security is an integrated Windows based NAS solution that incorporates high performance processors to handle multiple incoming video streams with a large cache of 16GB for buffering all incoming request. Its dual Gigabit Ethernet connectivity allows meeting the demands of high volume video requirements of Pacifica’s Police Department. Most importantly, this system is highly expandable and has an internal storage capacity of over 40TB and is RAID protected

Currently, Pacifica Police Department maintains around 23TB of data and DNF NAS has solved the capacity and management challenges to complete extent.

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