Western Digital makes its 6TB hard drives more affordable

Western Digital (WD) has made the shipping of its two new high capacity 6TB hard drives more affordable. Early this week, the company made it official that its WD Red Hard Drives will be available for a price of $299 and its Western Digital Green will be available for price of $279. The company has also specified that its WD Red hard disks are designed to be used in IP SAN and NAS appliances and are ideal to be used for applications such as video surveillance and banking. WD green drives have more sensors and controls for lower power consumption and so they make it applicable to consumer desktops.

A few years ago, when Western Digital shipped its 4TB hard drives, the price of those drives was higher in terms of dollar per terabyte. But now, the company has decided to keep its prices competitive.

HGST, which is a business unit of WD, released its high capacity 6TB hard drive, the Ultrastar HE6 for $477 on Amazon. Seagate, which launched its 6TB hard drive without helium has priced its high capacity HDD for $300.

Western Digital has qualified its Red HDD for its My Cloud and has also disclosed that they can be plugged into any network attached storage system with the help of external storage bays available for a price under $10.

Western Digital has also announced that it is shipping its 5TB Red drive for $249 from early next month.

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