Why Redundancy and Backup are not the same?

Many people are in an opinion that, since, they own a redundant storage solution such as a NAS or an IP SAN; they can ignore the presence of backup in their data storage environment. A number of them even think that the presence of any one of these specified solutions can save them from a disaster.

So, one may now get a thought that is this theory true and if it doesn’t what is the difference between a redundant storage and backup storage?

Typically, when discussing about redundancy in data storage, the focus easily shifts to RAID. And many people are in thinking that because they have RAID, they have backups of data. But this is a myth and to understand that it is false, let’s first find out the actual difference between a backup and a RAID and their purpose of deployment.

  • RAID- RAID is nothing but redundant array of independent disks. It can be configured in several ways. But the most preferred levels are RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6 and RAID 10.
  • Backups are copy of original data, stored for the purpose of having a second copy of an original source and which can be recovered in a specific time frame, in order to witness data continuity.

RAID cannot protect against failures such as file corruption, files being overwritten, human error, catastrophic damage, malware and software bugs. In a similar fashion, backup refuses corrupted files, as it cannot read the blocks of corrupt file and so the data lying in those corrupt files will not be saved as a second copy.

Therefore, it is better if you first figure out these points from your enterprise data storage environment and then go for a solution search. Also try to get both these solutions on an individual or in a unified note.

StoneFly, Inc, which is one of the top storage vendors in USA, has been providing data storage solutions based on the needs of its clients from the past decade and so. It offers highly scalable redundant and cost-effective IP Storage Products for departments, mid-tier workgroups, and enterprise organizations. This silicon-valley based storage vendor also offers appliances for backup and disaster recovery purposes.

Now, for those who are in search for a unified storage solution which can quench their server, storage and backup needs; StoneFly, a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory offers StoneFly DR365 all packed in a single box. It is an ideal solution to consolidate all of your server, storage and backup systems into one easy to manage appliance.

For more details, please call 510.265.1616 or click StoneFly DR365 storage appliance.

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