Security of Virtual Servers is not being addressed up to the mark!

Virtual Servers usage in enterprise environments is increasing worldwide and securing virtual environments is now at the top of mind for majority of IT departments. But when it comes to security option which is being addressed by IT departments, the facts are little bit disappointing.

A recent survey “Global IT Security Risks Survey 2014 Virtualization” was conducted on this issue by security solutions provider Kaspersky Lab and nearly 4500 IT professionals took part in this survey on a worldwide note. It was discovered in the survey that 64% of the said number of IT professionals agreed to the point that security needs to be utmost consideration when rolling out a virtual environment. From the said number, 46% of them believed that virtual environments can be adequately protected by conventional security solutions and 36% of them believed that security concerns in virtual infrastructure are significantly lower than in physical environments.

These findings clearly highlight a clear disconnect between how organizations perceive security for virtual environments and the tools available to handle the job.

In the same survey, it was also revealed that security concerns were acting as a significant barrier to implement virtualization and 41% of them stated that managing security solutions within virtual environments was a big struggle to forgo.

Security experts from Kaspersky suggest that virtual server is every bit as vulnerable as its physical counterparts and also reported that every year millions of malware are being circulated targeting these virtual environments. Experts also suggested that from the past couple of years, malware that is specifically designed to target virtual environments is under circulation and has affected more than 13% of virtual environments on a global note.

It was also revealed in the survey that virtualization is not only here to stay, but is in its full swing. Larger businesses are using virtual severs, either in cloud or hosted internally in data centers. More and more companies are showing interest in moving towards virtual applications and virtual desktop environments. So, at this juncture, IT professionals should understand the fundamental threat circling around the technology of virtual servers and employ appropriate security measures capable of defending virtual environments.

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