How many video surveillance cameras are there in this world?

Many who are associated to the world of video surveillance might be interested in knowing the number of video surveillance cameras serving on a global note. Based on some historical camera shipments and the predicted lifespans of these devices, the count is estimated to be around 210,000,000. So, if each of these cameras operate as per industry’s standard resolution, quality and frame-rate settings and record 14 days worth of data, then they will be in need of 18.4 billion gigabytes of video storage approximately for a mere two- week recording.

Note- the estimated count and storage bytes can change in either way as there is no strong proof for the exact number of cameras deployed in the world and which are in working and non-working condition.

So, if the said amount of video storage is needed, then the number of hard disk drives needed to provide such storage capacity would stretch across United States once if laid end-to-end.

Therefore, these stats suggest on the staggering growth of surveillance and storage technologies over the past 15 years. Going with some historical estimates, the amount of storage demanded by today’s surveillance systems for just a period of two-weeks is 880 times more than the entire capacity manufactured in the year 1995. At the same time, the cost of storing such huge capacities has also come down drastically. In the year 1995, it was estimated that 1GB of storage costed roughly US$995; and today you can pick up a GB for a mere US$0.08 or probably even less.

“Make it bigger, make it faster and make it cheaper”, are the historic words of Al Shugart, who founded Seagate Technology.

Therefore, the conclusion is that increased capacities, improved performance and lower costs in storage technology are driving growth in global camera shipments.

Research firm In-Stat forecasts that over 41 million cameras were shipped in 2011 and in 2014 the count increased to 51 million when estimates till June 2014 were taken into account. Additionally, the demand for higher megapixel resolution cameras is on the rise and IP cameras are forecasted to experience a compound annual growth rate of 13.7% over the next three years. So, all this accounts to increase in storage needs and that too in an economical way.

DNF Security which has always offered its recording and storage products, as per the customer needs and the industry trends has captured the ongoing need for high storage capacities at economical price point in a smart way. This company which is a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory offers NVRs and Video Servers at competitive prices. And each DNF Security video solution is designed to handle the most complex video surveillance and physical security environments.

The highlight of each DNF Security Product is not only its price point; but also the fact that each solution serves its users with enhanced features such as utmost storage protection, redundancy, high-availability and superior scalability. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, DNF Security provides small businesses and enterprises worldwide with innovative storage and server solutions like intelligent digital or hybrid video management systems, video management engines, mobile surveillance systems, viewing workstations, and scalable IP Storage.

Additionally, all these solutions are ONVIF complaint and are highly compatible with leading IP and Megapixel cameras and Video Management Software.

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