Monitor your video server health with DNF Security Lifeline Software

Servers related to Video Surveillance need to be constantly monitored in order to keep a tab on their recording, storage and playout capabilities. This helps the users to help them react, identify and resolve mission-critical system and network infrastructure problems in time. If this is ignored, then the whole concept of protecting the environment with help of video surveillance equipment becomes futile.

So, it is the duty of the administrator to sort out these issues in time and keep the system up to date with the necessary software and hardware upgrades(if necessary). But in the world of computing, manual monitoring may become too tedious and also hard to accomplish. Therefore the need to monitor the video server health in an automated way becomes vital. Here’s where DNF Security offers a lifeline service.

DNF Security Lifeline Remote Monitoring Service (RMS) is an embedded, forward-looking tool which can offer to its customers the privilege of identifying mission-critical system and network infrastructure troubles in time. Hence, with this Proactive-Predictive Lifeline RMS, customers can isolate themselves completely from any kind of unplanned downtime. If there is a chance of any kind of system failure, this forward looking software informs to its customers about the critical system status which needs rectification/attention via a wide variety of options including emails and SMS.

The key Monitoring metrics of DNF Security Lifeline RMS are as follows-

  • The temperature of the CPU, motherboard chipset and onboard RAID drives can be monitored through DNF Security Lifeline Remote Monitoring Service tool.
  • Cooling systems such as fan speed and fan functionalities can be monitored.
  • Lifeline Remote Monitoring Service Software Tool can keep a check on the health of the hardware RAID controller. This includes Raid volume health and status monitoring, Raid controller processor temperature, Hard Drive SMART Bios supervision which includes- sector remaps and relocations check, seek errors, write errors, drive timeouts, cabling errors, spin-up errors can also be monitored.
  • CPU Load cycles, memory usage, disk usage, process monitoring and other related features can also be monitored by DNF Security Lifeline Remote Monitoring Service (RMS).
  • Network interface issues such as latency, availability, uptime and flapping can also be monitored by the lifeline software tool offered by DNF Security.
  • If in case, the video server is being used for video surveillance applications, then you can use the optional application i.e. a video management software specific process monitoring feature as well. Currently, it is being supported by Aimetis, Exacqvision, OnSSI NVS, Milestone, Nuuo, Genetec and other popular VMSes platforms.

To know more call 510.265.1122 or click DNF Security Lifeline RMS Services.

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