Google to offer 1TB free cloud storage to home users!

Google, the world recognized internet juggernaut is all set to offer 1TB of free cloud storage to home users by this year end. The announcement will be made in the month of November and the implementation will be from or after Christmas 2014.

This good news was informally leaked out to some media sources and one such source happens to be our blog. However, it is reported that the top officials of Google Drive have to endorse this offering with their consent and so the wait is still on.

Presently, Google is in plans to offer 1TB storage only to home users without any stipulations. In future, it may look into the aspect of extending this support to its business users, provided all the factors influencing its commercial IP Storage business will favor it completely.

The need for unlimited cloud storage is increasing among the home users of cloud storage. This is due to the fact that home users are being hit by data deluge and this is due to the trend of internet of things. Thus, IP storage companies providing just Gigabytes of free storage are not appealing anymore these days. And in order to capitalize on this issue, Google is in plans to offer 1TB free cloud storage to its patrons who like to keep their photos and video secured on an unlimited cloud storage. The company will look forward to gain revenue in an innovative way via ads and so it may not incur losses atleast in the first quarter of presenting this free cloud storage offer to its home users.

BOX, which is another popular cloud storage provider, is also thinking to make its storage platform unlimitedly free for home users. But still there is no official/unofficial announcement from this company yet.

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