StoneFly offers DR365 to consolidate all your Server, Storage and Backup needs into one single appliance

StoneFly, a subsidiary a Dynamic Network Factory has always served the Data Storage industry as per the current trends. Currently, citing the imperative need for a consolidated server, storage and backup appliance as a single box, StoneFly DR365 is being offered by this Silicon Valley based company. This product offers to its users a total backup solution for all their physical and virtual server and workstation. Thus, this appliance will serve as a central management console for all the backup operations of your datacenter or office.

DR365 of StoneFly converts every backup into a virtual machine. These virtual machines can be quickly spun up and hosted on to the DR365 appliance. Therefore, when the need for recovery arises, a replica of Virtual Machine can also be used for any testing purposes which include Non-Invasive compliance testing.

StoneFly™ DR365 supports physical to virtual, virtual to virtual, virtual to physical and physical to virtual operations. This includes restoring physical machines to completely different hardware and restoring virtual machines to a completely different Hypervisor.

DR365 appliance includes a virtual IP SAN appliance, a virtual enterprise backup engine and the ability to create additional virtual storage or servers as needed. Therefore, the traditional fixed hardware model usage gets eliminated with the usage of StoneFly™ DR365 appliance.

Now, for all those who are interested in knowing more about the abilities of DR365, here’s a short version of it.

  • This appliance can be used to migrate existing Windows and Linux Physical Servers to Virtual Machines running on the StoneFly™ DR365. Therefore, you can get rid of your entire extra hardware footprint used for this purpose. Moreover, this appliance is highly capable of running many more applications on much less hardware.
  • Additionally, in order to completely utilize its hardware for considerable reduction in power and cooling costs, a virtualized operating system can also be installed.
  • It is can be used as a back-end iSCSI storage for physical and virtual machines.
  • Its built-in features include delta based snapshots with read-write snapshot volumes, thin provisioning with space reclamation, optimized data deduplication and real-time synchronous replicate.
  • Moreover, DR365 can be easily configured to replicate to a second DR365 appliance on campus or at a remote site. This will ensure utmost data continuity, if in case, the onsite appliance is hit by a disaster and business continuity has to be carried out for other offices which are located geographically away.

To know more technical information along with explainable images click on StoneFly DR365.

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