Go for an integrated system recovery to original manufactures system image with DNF Lifeline

Dynamic Network Factory proudly presents its Lifeline Flashback software tool which allows the user’s of any system to make system recovery to original manufacturer’s system image in an integrated way. The highlight is that the user of this software tool can easily recover an entire system image within few minutes and can thus avoid downtime.

If in case your video server or your video management system crashes and the data and settings have to be brought back to life, this Lifeline software tool helps in doing it at the earliest. If this software is preinstalled, then it can bring back the system to life and can thus reduce operational and service call costs.

For those mission critical environments where business continuity in the form of video evidence is indispensable, DNF Lifeline Flashback will be good software to install and use as it is enriched with incremental system snapshots.

DNF Lifeline can be used on DNF Security intelligent digital or hybrid video management systems, video management engines, mobile surveillance systems, viewing workstations, and scalable IP storage. Additionally, it can also work on all ONVIF compatible systems such as DVRs, NVRs, Hybrid NVR/DVR and Video Management Servers.

To know more call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Lifeline Flashback

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