Scale-out NAS Storage becoming main stream for the following reasons

Scale-Out NAS storage is becoming mainstream and this was revealed in a survey conducted by ESG for reasons that make good sense. Traditionally, Scale-up NAS is limited in terms of number of nodes that can be linked together. That often results in islands of NAS storage, between which there is no visibility or movement of data. Thus, it results the capability of a file system in accessing the file base.

On the other hand, Scale-Out NAS allows nodes of storage to be added, scaling capacity and/or performance and usually with a parallel file system that scales to billions of objects. In a world where unstructured data volumes are on a path of huge growth, this property becomes an essential commodity.

In a recent survey conducted by ESG-Global, Scale-Out NAS offers high-level scalability and relieves IT staff from time consuming tasks such as storage provisioning, reconfiguring LUNs and migration of data when a new storage is added to the system. As a result, the firm predicts that by 2015, scale-out NAS demand will grow to many folds and will bring in high revenues to its vendors.

The survey conducted by the research firm also predicted that Scale-Out NAS will be best suited for archiving and backup needs and will be much useful in high performance computing environments like media services, financial services, life sciences, cloud computing utilities and web-based applications and services.

Additionally, by deploying such highly scalable Network-attached storage appliances benefits such as reduction in IT management costs and data center space requirements can also be observed, along with reduction in power and cooling costs. For those who want a storage whose capacity can be utilized on a complete note, this storage seems to be an apt choice, as it offers more bang for the invested storage bucks.

Citing this trend on a preliminary note, many storage vendors are coming up with scale-out NAS option which usually differs on price point, target markets, capacity and performance. Flash is being used in such appliances on a major note and features such as storage tiering, data deduplication, thin provisioning and compression are also being offered on these platforms. One such vendor which is offering a super-scale out NAS as per this trend is StoneFly, Inc.

StoneFly SSO “Super Scale Out” NAS storage appliance deliver unprecedented performance, redundancy and scalability to its customers. It is designed as a powerful storage solution which can scale out storage capacity while scaling up performance. These appliance nodes can scale up to 36 drives and 216 terabytes of storage per chassis i.e. up to 256 drives per node. Additionally, the user will have the flexibility to scale out to multiple nodes on demand.

Thus, StoneFly SSO “Super Scale Out” NAS storage is perfect for storing and managing large quantities of unstructured data within a single global namespace and a single file system. This system is designed specifically for markets which need high bandwidth throughput or fast parallel throughput for very large files required for high performance computing in media and entertainment.

For more details please click on StoneFly SSO or call 510.265.1616.

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