DNF Defense offers ruggedized data storage for Military and Aerospace

Engineers designing Military and Aerospace systems such as Radar & Sonar systems, Servers, data recorders, tactical computers, moving maps, fire-control systems, Airborne Reconnaissance Systems and others face a major concern i.e. to have a reliable and highly performing data storage solution.

The fact is that military grade appliance design engineers need to depend on data storage appliances which can work under harsh environments such as tracked and wheeled vehicles, on airborne platforms and on shipboards. At the same time they should be capable of working in high temperatures which can range in between -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C.

In order to address such needs, recent innovations in storage are being dictated by military grade requirements. Storage vendors are coming up with appliances which can deliver high performance and capacity requirements in applications that would stress the storage products to their breaking point.

Fortunately, one such vendor which delivers such military grade appliances is DNF Defense- a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory. This Silicon Valley based company offers military grade solutions as per NEBS standards. That means, these systems can be used in all kinds of military applications. They are shock proof and are sealed in aluminum housings in order to protect themselves from high humidity and changes in altitude.

DNF Defense appliances are populated with ruggedized mechanical hard drives which have the ability to work in high temperatures and are capable to withstand harsh environments such as vibrations and shocks.

Nowadays, Solid-State Drives are becoming common data storage media within military and airborne systems. This is due to the fact that they consume less power, have no mechanical parts, and generate nearly 60% of less heat than hard drives. So, if in case, the client is interested in having the solution filled with SSDs, then DNF Defense solutions support this demand as well.

DNF Defense has been serving US Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration and United States Army Corps of Engineers from long time

For more details call 510.265.1122 or click DNF Defense.

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