Seagate to commercially release 8TB and 10TB hard drives by this year end!

Seagate, a California based hard drive maker is all set to release its 8TB and 10TB hard drives on a commercial note by this year end. In last week of July this year, the company decided to release its 8TB sample hard drives to select customers and announced that it is planning to release 10TB sample HDD by next quarter. It also announced that it will make these high capacity hard drives available on a commercial note by early next year.

On hearing Seagate’s plan, Western Digital also hinted that it may release a high capacity hard drive on a commercial note by this year end. The company also gave a hint that the released high capacity drive will be filled with helium and may hold up to 12TB of data.

Seagate reacted to WD’s 12TB hard drive news and announced that it may release its high capacity 8TB and 10TB hard drives by this year end. However, it remained silent on the technology running behind these drives. A spokesman said that the information will be shared shortly.

Since, Seagate is using a technology called Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) to increase the capacity of its drives beyond 4TB; it may also deploy the same on its upcoming 8TB and 10TB hard drives. However, the company made it official that its upcoming 20TB hard drives which will be created by 2020 will work on SMR technology.

High capacity drives are always a boon to OEMs which deal in NAS, IP SAN and video management systems. Therefore, let’s hope that the competition between Seagate and Western Digital will prove fruitful to the OEMs which include hard drives as basic components in all their produce.

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