Military demands are setting up new trends for rugged data storage

It is apparent that Military and Aerospace storage applications require solutions with utmost reliability and performance. Therefore, this requirement has set a strong standard to the storage industry to deal with. As a result, in order to meet the rigors of the battlefield environments, storage vendors are coming up with rugged solutions which have the ability to deal with the war fighter’s impulsive requirements of having a fast and reliable access to vast amounts of mission critical data.

The solutions are being offered in such a way that their can operate in extreme temperature driven climate; even in unmanned vehicles; can bore intense shocks and vibration of a tank or a helicopter, and are available with a memory storage interfaced with the right technology to meet the rigors of battlefield environments.

Usage of Solid-State drives is increasing in rugged storage appliances these days – As expected, SSD fever has also gripped the military and aerospace electronics market. The largest reason for this highest usage is said to be due to the high reliability factor when compared to the traditional rotating hard disk drives. SSDs have no moving parts and so they can tolerate ruggedized environmental conditions like vibration, shock and temperature variations. So, they are now credited as the ideal choice to be deployed in tactical military applications. Moreover, these drives are highly efficient to access data on demand at speeds ranging from 10x to 100x faster than spinning hard disks.

However, when the economic costs are taken into account the adoption of SSD is also getting slow in some fields. Due to SSD price factor, the cost of the appliances is increasing and so the flash technology adoption is not up to expectations. It is reviewed that the usage of SSD based appliances is increasing in aerospace and navy sector. While, it is decreasing in land warfare units due to its high price point.

Removable storage usage is increasing for many military operations – This is now treated to be one of the best media to ease secure data transfers, declassification, service, update softwares, or storage capacity upgrades. Military customers are increasingly requesting storage device makers to add the option of adding a removable drive for increased security and mission flexibility. Earlier, the presence of USB option in military grade devices was cut down on a permanent note. But now, with the availability of self- encrypting storage devices such as thumb drives and hard drives, this option availability is getting back to demand.

Accordingly, Military sector is requesting storage solutions that can deliver performance and capacity requirements in applications that would pull most storage products to their breaking points. The good news is that the storage industry is being strengthened by innovations to such an extent that these innovations are easily surpassing the breaking point.

One such vendor which is offering high performing and reliable rugged storage appliances to military and aerospace industries is DNF Defense. This company which is a business unit of Dynamic Network Factory is a Silicon Valley based company which offers military grade solutions as per NEBS standards. That means, these systems can be used in all kinds of military applications. They are shock proof and are sealed in aluminum housings in order to protect themselves from high humidity and changes in altitude.

As per customer requirements, DNF Defense rugged storage appliances can be populated with hard drives or SSDs or a combination of both. This company has been serving US Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration and United States Army Corps of Engineers from long time

For more details call 510.265.1122 or click DNF Defense.

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