Stonefly offers Cloud Business Center exclusively to its customers

StoneFly, Inc., a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory is offering an exclusive cloud business center to all its customers. It is evident that StoneFly IP SAN technology offers to its users advanced business continuity features in the form of asynchronous remote replication, snapshots, data deduplication and volume encryption, ideal for protecting mission critical information. But in order to reap in all the said benefits, data should be stored in more than one location requiring a remote host platform.

Here’s where StoneFly Cloud Business Center (CBC) hosting empowers organizations to fully utilize StoneFly backup and disaster recovery features, enabling organizations large and small to implement offsite backup inexpensively.

Users using StoneFly Physical and Virtual iSCSI storage appliances can go for this StoneFly’s Cloud Business Center. Through the remote data replication feature available in these appliances, the users can add one or more disaster recovery sites for their critical data. Thus, this leads to savings on the capital expenses that come with the purchase of a physical appliance, along with operating expenses such as power and cooling costs.

Moreover, for all those users who have servers and limited storage, but are interested in going for remote iSCSI storage, StoneFly’s cloud business center is a great and robust option to look into. They can go for StoneFly Virtual Dedicated Storage (VDS) which is a part of Stonefly’s cloud business center business. With the help of this virtual storage, users can easily add mass amounts of storage to their workstation or servers in a matter of minutes. They can get storage up to 10TB and more and the storage capacity is highly scalable and redundant. Thus, by subscribing to StoneFly Virtual Dedicated storage, the user can save immediately on capital expenses that come with the purchase of a physical appliance, along with the operating expenses such as power and cooling costs. Moreover, all advanced data storage management features such as volume encryption, data deduplication, replication, mirroring and snapshots can be availed.

So, all those StoneFly IP SAN users who want to add capacity to their current storage, but are not willing to shell out high on a physical appliances can easily go for this remote iSCSI storage. Additionally StoneFly Remote iSCSI drives hosted in the cloud business center appear and behave the same as a local drives does on your workstation or server. Therefore, users can gain a great storage management feature for a minimal cost.

Now, for those who think how safe is their data when hosted on a Cloud Business Center of StoneFly, here’s an update.

The data loaded onto the virtual dedicated storage is hosted on StoneFly’s world class USS and USS-HA series of Unified Server and Storage appliances. These appliances have high performance features which include dual hexa core storage virtualization engines, hot swappable disk drives, hardware RAID with cache battery backup for protection against disk failures, redundant hot-swappable power supply modules, and multiple iSCSI connections with port teaming, failover and load-balancing features to maximize system up-time.

To know more, please call 510.265.1616 or click StoneFly Cloud Business Center.

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