Video Surveillance for Government organizations

Video Surveillance is proving as a great security solution for government buildings, facilities and operations. Especially, with the rise of crime rate and increasing threat from terrorism, video surveillance installation has become a necessity rather than an asset. It enhances the existing security arrangement and helps in building up a comprehensive security solution that can keep your building, employees and records safe.

Government organizations are considering the implementations of video surveillance technology with increasing frequency for the purposes of general law enforcement and public safety programs. In limited and defined circumstances, video surveillance cameras may prove appropriate to protect public safety, detect or deter crime and assist in investigation of criminal activity with the help of video evidence.

DNF Security which offers solutions for mission critical surveillance environments is highly experienced in delivering dependable security camera solutions to government institutions and agencies, including the military, airports, law enforcement, courthouses, customs and regulators. This company which is a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory is well versed of the day-to-day security threats faced by government organizations and utilizes its advanced skill set and service offerings to help cut down the risk from them.

DNF Security is no stranger to government security and offers a comprehensive suite of services which includes surveillance related recording, storing and archival solutions. Additionally, this company also indulges in detailed site evaluations, system configurations as per cameras involved and virtual integration.

If the customer is interested in going for a surveillance solution provider which does evaluation, installation of total video surveillance equipment and virtual integration, then DNF Security can prove much useful to them in this regard.

By opting for video surveillance solutions from DNF Security, Government organizations can get the following benefits-

  • All DNF Security solutions are scalable and redundant. So, the government organizations which install these solutions can cut down the need to go for a forklift upgrade, if in case, their surveillance needs increase in future.
  • Flexible IP Security allows mobile and remote viewing
  • Will surly prevent theft and vandalism
  • Ensures utmost public safety
  • Deters Criminals from committing crimes
  • Minimizes daily security threats
  • Reduces liability
  • Helps in monitoring parking lots for vandalism or loitering
  • Reduces Product shrink
  • Helps in monitoring employee productivity, breaks and downtime

The highlight of DNF Security in serving government organizations is that it offers intelligent digital & hybrid video management systems, video management engines, mobile surveillance systems, viewing workstations and scalable IP storage.

So, Video Evidence which is essential in environments like Airports, Railway Stations, Public Libraries, Parks and public gatherings can be secured and presented when the need arises.

So, if interested please follow DNF Security or call 510.265.1122

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