What gives StoneFly IP SANs an exceptional touch!

StoneFly IP SANs which are based on a patented and award wining StoneFusion Operating System offer all benefits expected from a Storage Area Network. This includes increased storage utilization through resource consolidation, storage provisioning, centralized access control, volume management and advanced storage services which include clustering, mirroring and snapshotting for IP Networks.

StoneFly, Inc. which is a pioneer of iSCSI has centered itself on building a foundation for IP SANs utilizing virtualization for efficiency, simplicity, availability and flexibility. This California based company which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory, utilizes iSCSI technology which leverages existing networks to consolidate storage and servers, while increasing capacity, expandability and performance.

Thus, with the help of a StoneFly IP SAN users can centralize all their multiple server needs through data storage in order to obtain utmost efficiency. This will surely decrease overhead and management expenses to an increased extent and will improve storage utilization to the helm.

Through the technology of virtualizations, users can install n number of virtual servers on these appliances and this helps in reducing under-utilization of servers and cuts down power and footprint needs to a great extent.

For those who are more concerned about disaster recovery and business continuity aspects in their enterprise data storage environments, StoneFly IP SANs are a perfect solution to consider. It offers the ability to streamline migration; restoration and backup through SAN based replication technique. StoneFusion Operating System which drives the IP SANs in an intellectual way offers Asynchronous replication which allows copying data from one location to another in an easy and achievable way.

StoneFly IP SANs with the help of D2D backup feature integrate high availability characteristics and support expansion of storage which allows adding of nodes for supporting primary, secondary and tertiary storage concerns.

In environments requiring hundreds of servers, the costs associated with managing individual servers is very high. Thus, with the help of Blade Servers, enterprises can maximize their data center resources and lessen infrastructure management costs by simplifying cabling, reducing power consumption and can cut down the duties of an IT administrator to a large extent. So, by deploying IP SAN Storage solutions which can be used by blade servers, server and storage resource consolidation can be obtained. With the ability to boot from a SAN, diskless blade servers can be deployed to maintain high availability and reduce operational costs and complexities.

Adding more, StoneFly IP SANs can streamline storage management for email archiving in such a way that it simplifies data access and full recovery in a smart and intelligent way.

For those who are interested in going for a software defined storage, which is a current trend in storage world, StoneFly IP SANs are driven by the company’s own and patented StoneFusion Operating System. This surely drives the appliance in an intelligent way and ensures that the hardware gets well utilized.

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