DNF Defense offers secure data storage for Defense and Aerospace personnel

Battles related to bits and bytes are nowadays being increasingly fought in the field of Defense and Aerospace sectors. Competitive advantages are being gained by the abilities not only to tap into data storage of adversaries, but also to defend and protect one’s own stored data. So, in this new kind of data warfare, where bullets are being replaced by bits and bytes, offensive tactics most often classified as defensive approaches are becoming subjects of discussion and debate.

Defense and Aerospace organizations often practice a culture of securing data that which is being transmitted or communicated, and data at rest which is being stored.

Broadly speaking, under basic norms, there are two ways to secure data storage-either by removing the memory from its unsecure environment to a more secure location or encrypting the data to such an extent that vulnerabilities are almost nullified. In situations where there are potentially hundreds of memory devices to manage, the burden of physically securing every bit of unencrypted classified data is logically becoming cumbersome, thus increasing the risk of compromise.

Going with the technique of encryption-It’s been around for decade or so, but the application of encryption technology for data at rest is relatively new and has been practiced in huge capacities that can no longer be destroyed or wiped in a timely manner.

It is being observed that within a year or so, there has been significant increase in demand for military-aero storage systems having data storage encryption, as well as rugged, high speed and high capacity characteristics.

DNF Defense, which is a subsidiary of DNF Corporation (Dynamic Network Factory), has the ability to tap these trends in right time. DNF Defense rugged data storage solutions like Apache USS Rugged 2U Server offers ideal hyper converged infrastructure to consolidate all server and storage systems into one easy to manage appliances. With the use of a virtualized operating system, complete hardware utilization and considerable reduction in power/cooling costs can be achieved.

These rugged grade Apache USS Rugged 2U Server and storage solution is capable of operating in environments of extreme temperature, altitude, explosive decompression, shock, vibration, humidity, condensation, dust & air and electro magnetic radiation.

DNF Defense Apache USS is designed for tactical aircraft, multi-engine aircraft, commercial aircrafts, guided missiles, armored vehicles, HUMVs, trucks, warships, and submarines.

Additionally, DNF Defense also offers dedicated solutions for telecommunication sector. Its NEBS complaint systems, which are labeled as Tesla solutions are specifically designed with the telecommunication industry in mind. These easy to deploy and high performance systems help telecoms integrate Next Generation Networks into central office carrier facilities.

With an intuitive browser based remote management interface, system administrators can remotely manage the entire storage solution from anywhere in the world. This includes the feature where retrieval of old copies of deleted files right from your desktop which makes storage and backup easier and reduces demands on system administrators.

For more details please call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Defense Solutions.

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