DNF Security Unified concept reduces long term storage infrastructure costs in video surveillance environments

Data Storage in enterprise video surveillance environments demands never ending quest for IT efficiency. This is due to the fact that it has to surely satiate the needs related to performance, reliability, data integrity in a definitive way.

Enterprise IT Managers have traditionally met these requirements with a variety of discrete hard drive technologies in 3.5 inches form factors, with 10K or 15K RPM spindle speeds, over Fibre Channel or Parallel SCSI interface.

On a recent note, several new technologies and standards in 2.5 inches form factors over Serial Attached SCSI, enriched with encryption were released into the market. As a result, this disparate mix of technologies has led to over-complex and isolated islands in video surveillance related data farms with uncertain upgrade or maintenance roadmaps, often resulting in a complete rip out and replace every few years.

Therefore, in order to effectively compound this problem in today’s enterprise landscape, which is being reshaped by market forces and environment concerns such as shrinking floor space and energy responsibility, all of which demand better storage systems with broader capabilities and greater efficiencies to enable systems that can scale easily and sustain business growth.

Adding more to it, today’s difficult economic climate makes reducing costs as an urgent priority. In order to tackle these issues, data storage vendors are developing appliances which are enriched with virtualization, storage, auto-tiering and cloud interface features.

DNF Security is meeting the new challenges and requirements of today’s enterprise video surveillance architectures with its Unified Storage and Server concept. Its SkyHawk USS allows the user to consolidate all the server and storage systems needs into a single hardware platform to help reduce power consumption, cooling requirements, rack space and overall costs compared to systems with separate physical servers and physical storage.

With the use of DNF Security SkyHawk USS the user can make the storage and server availability simpler, more reliable and a secure storage. It enables its customers to decrease the number and type of technologies used, simplifies IT support tasks and enables fewer personnel to support larger surveillance related storage deployments. It helps in optimizing data centers by maximizing scalability and improving performance. With the use of this appliance, reduction in TCO and ROI can be observed as it decreases power and cooling costs, as well as meets goals for greener IT environment. This appliance can be used to capture live video feeds from security cameras, record and archive those videos and analyze those videos.

Therefore, surveillance users can deploy this high performance storage for surveillance as it has the ability to easily grow to meet expanding requirements as well as meet service level objectives for critical security applications.

DNF Security SkyHawk USS acts as a powerful video server and storage for video system integrators and enterprise customers. It simplifies operations with easy to use management interface and is part of a robust portfolio of mission critical surveillance solutions that are managed from a single interface for optimal management efficiency. This appliance which can serve as an all-in-one video management system is designed and tuned for video workloads for demanding physical security requirements. It has been certified by all leading Video Management Software partners and Security Camera manufactures.

For more details call 510.265.1122 or click DNF Security Skyhawk USS.

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