NAS can quench SMB storage needs!

Small and Medium Business data storage needs are increasing at an alarming rate these days. The growing volume of content and the increasing value of this content to users clearly specify that a new approach has to be administered in order to tackle the situation in a smart way. Additionally, the connected nature of the world today requires a storage solution that allows its users to share and access the content from anywhere and anytime, without compromising on security.

Well serving this purpose is the Network Attached Storage which addresses both the capacity and data protection standards to utmost level and at the same time keeps the access to all devices on the same network.

As data volumes for SMB users run into terabytes, the requirement for scalable storage capacity and redundant solutions is also increasing. This is where a NAS solution which is super scalable and redundant enough will be much useful in this scenario.

Data Storage vendors like StoneFly, Inc are offering to their customers solutions which not only leverage large storage volumes, but also offer enhanced data protection using RAID. Thus, with the presence of RAID, a set of redundant data is always available, ensuring that a backup is always accessible even if a single disk fails.

Taking a step ahead, StoneFly offers a Scale-Out NAS which allows the business users to grow by adding nodes without loosing performance. StoneFly SSO also allows usable bandwidth increase as new nodes are added. The highlight is that multiple nodes can be managed with just a single user interface.

StoneFly Super Scale-Out NAS is designed to be used for ultra fast primary storage for visual effects and high IO-Intensive media production applications that require high-concurrent sequential throughput, post-production transcode and streaming media. This appliance drives down the overall cost of storage while increasing performance and simultaneously reduces costs and floor space requirements.

Therefore, in order to address the challenging storage needs of SMBs a truly converged storage solution is required. A NAS solution offers the flexibility of centralized high capacity storage, enhanced data protection, and secure access and sharing feature to its users.

StoneFly Super Scale-Out NAS takes a step ahead further and presents a distributed file system that can be scaled out to Petabytes of storage which can handle thousands of clients. It functions as a distributed data overlay, polling together storage building blocks over TCP/IP, aggregating disk resources and managing data in a single global namespace. Users can store block, file, object and big data on this storage platform.

For more details call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly Super Scale Out NAS Storage.

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