StoneFly releases Unified Storage & Server Hyper Converged Appliance

StoneFly, the pioneer of iSCSI Storage and a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory has come up with a Hyper-Converged Flash based appliance which is a Virtual Computing Platform well capable of producing a software-defined data center.

StoneFly USS Hyper Converged Appliance takes a different and much simpler approach to converged architecture by incorporating local direct-attached storage for faster performance and greater flexibility. Each node in a new StoneFly Cluster includes flash based storage to deliver massive IOPS for high performance as well as enterprise hard disk drives for low-cost high- capacity storage adhering to the principles of software defined solutions.

The basic principle of StoneFly USS solution is to radically simplify the traditional infrastructure of data centers. This can be achieved by provisioning each volume as iSCSI, Fibre Channel, or NAS. Its hypervisors allow multiple Virtual Machines (VMs) to run on a single physical host and mediate all I/O operations including read and write request to centralized NAS and SAN storage arrays which are typically used to provide shared storage for all of the VMs.

StoneFly implements all control logic as a software based service running on enterprise class Solid-State storage. Virtual Storage Controllers run on each cluster node improving scalability and resilience, while preventing performance bottlenecks since the storage and control logic is now local to the new guest Virtual Machines.

“We are bringing out the next generation of hyper converged software defined virtual infrastructure into the marketplace at the highest IOPS per dollar,” said Mo Tahmasebi, CEO and President of StoneFly, Inc.

He added that StoneFly USS can help you in replacing your datacenter by migrating your existing Windows and Linux physical servers into virtual machines hosted on the StoneFly USS.

If needed, the migration of data will be handled by expertise from StoneFly, Inc.

Here’s what you can do with a StoneFly USS:

  • Your enterprise IT team can quickly spin up new virtual machines on the StoneFly USS.
  • This appliance can be used as iSCSI storage for your physical machines, virtual machine and as global shared back-end object/block/image storage for OpenStack.
  • With the help of StoneFusion Operating system which makes this storage software-defined, creation of numerous delta based snapshots to back up the iSCSI volumes is possible. Then with the use of same patented and award-winning network operating system recovery of mountable read-write snapshot volumes is made possible.
  • With the help of StoneFly USS run by StoneFusion Operating System, synchronous replication of all Virtual Machines and storage to a second on premise USS appliance can be achieved for the purpose of business continuity.
  • Optimize your data with StoneFly’s optional enterprise-level features which include data deduplication, encryption, thin provisioning and more.
  • Scaling out of storage and virtual machines across multiple USS nodes is possible.
  • With the help of high performance hardware RAID, protection of data to increase system uptime is highly possible.

So, for all of you, who want a storage appliance which can dual purposely serve as a server and scalable storage, StoneFly USS will be the best choice to make. This software defined storage appliance can be used as a hyper-converged infrastructure solution to consolidate all server and storage system needs into an easy to manage appliance. With the help of virtualized operating system, complete hardware utilization and considerable reduction in power/cooling costs can be achieved.

Nowadays, the trend is to go for a hybrid storage which can quench the high performance needs with an SSD presence and basic high-capacity storage needs with the help of a disk.

So, for those enterprises which need a tiered storage, StoneFly Unified Storage & Server will be a wise choice to make as it offers an automated tiered storage environment in the presence of SSD and Disk and runs intellectually on a software-centric architecture.

For more details call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly USS Unified Storage & Server Hyper Converged Appliance.

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