StoneFly uses HGST FlashMax Enterprise Class SSD to drive the software defined intelligence in its USS Hyper Converged Appliance

StoneFly, Inc., which unveiled a Hyper Converged Software defined virtual computing solution on a recent note has divulged that it uses HGST FlashMax Enterprise Class Solid-State Drive to drive its appliance with software defined data center intelligence.

StoneFly, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory offers Unified Storage and Server Hyper-Converged appliances by incorporating local direct attached storage for faster performance and greater flexibility. This solution is ideal to consolidate all of your server and storage system needs into one easy to manage appliance. With the use of virtualized operation system, complete hardware utilization and considerable reduction in power/cooling costs can be obtained.

Each node in new StoneFly Cluster includes flash based storage to deliver massive IOPS for high performance, as well as, enterprise hard disk drives for low cost high capacity storage support abiding all software defined laws.

StoneFly runs all software defined control logic from HGST FlashMax II PCIe enterprise class SSDs. Virtual storage controllers run on each cluster node improving scalability and resilience, while preventing performance bottleneck since the storage and control logic is now local to the guest Virtual Machines.

“We are bringing out the next generation of hyper-converged software defined virtual infrastructure into the marketplace at the highest IOPS per dollar,” said Mo Tahmasebi, President and CEO for StoneFly.

With the presence of StoneFly USS, expensive centralized storage or dedicated storage networks are no longer needed since the Distributed File Systems for StoneFly NAS aggregates local storage across all of the nodes. There is no metadata database to limit the quantity of StoneFly USS nodes participating in NAS cluster allowing it to easily expand. StoneFly USS appliances use a hash-based algorithm in each node to accomplish this task. As a result, StoneFly USS appliances do not experience the latency issues that are associated with competing NAS cluster solutions that do utilize metadata databases.

So, for all those who want a dual purpose storage appliance which can serve as a storage and server, StoneFly USS can be an ideal choice to make. With all the software logic packed in HGST FlashMax SSDs, the performance of the appliance will surely be engrossing and will meet all the standards of an enterprise computing environment.

For more details call 510.265.1616 or click StoneFly USS Hyper Converged Appliance.

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