Forget about Forklift upgrades with StoneFly Storage appliances

High value enterprise technological assets have to be upgraded once in a while in order to keep pace with technological developments or to accommodate business growth with the increasing demand for IT resources. It has to be notified that Storage sub-systems and Storage Area Networks are no different from this IT refreshment trend.

Nowadays, with enterprise data growing at alarming rates, the decision to upgrade is being made more frequently and faster than expected by many organizations. Moreover, whichever upgrade is performed; the capital expense is considerable given that traditional SAN technologies are very expensive to expand.

In addition with high capital expense, enterprises also need to factor in the manpower costs needed for each upgrade and to manage the now invariably more complex storage environment.

This is where IT organizations are looking for appliances which do not need forklift upgrade.

StoneFly, Inc., a pioneer of iSCSI technology and a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory offers IP SAN appliances which are free from forklift upgrades. This California based company offers Unified SAN + Scale out NAS appliances, Hyper converged appliances, Unified gateway appliances, Backup and Disaster Recovery storage, and Scale out NAS appliances all free from forklift upgrades.

Engineered to be upgradeable in the field, StoneFly storage solutions can be scaled while the system remains online, with data in place during the upgrade process. So, data continuity factor remains intact in this process. This eliminates the downtime and data loss risk or corruption that accompanies upgrades of traditional SANs. Unlike the traditional non-virtualized SANs, expanding capacity in StoneFly storage solutions is simply a matter of adding the most cost-effective drives available, or adding another array. Fewer high-performance drives can be used if the preference is for improved performance. And because the capacity can be added so easily, enterprises need to buy only the storage necessary for their current applications.

So, to conclude every enterprise which invests in StoneFly appliances can stay away from forklift upgrades, as these appliances either facilitate scale-up or scale-out storage addition.

For more details call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly homepage

Note: A forklift upgrade is nothing but to replace major IT infrastructure. The term originated from when mainframe computers provided almost all the computer firepower in an enterprise, and the only way to upgrade them was to replace the old ones with new machines.

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