D-Link introduces new resources and tools which help IP Video Surveillance users

D-Link Corporation which is a Chinese company offering networking solutions is all set to introduce new resources and tools to help IP Video Surveillance users. The company has announced yesterday that it will make a suite of tools and resources available to prospective customers and value added resellers as part of a larger push from the company to further solidify itself as a leading IP Surveillance vendor.

D-Link has announced the release of bandwidth and storage calculators, an interactive floor planner to help determine where cameras should be places for optimal video surveillance coverage and a free 36”x24” IP Surveillance 101 poster.

Among the free tools and resources which are being released are:

  • IP Surveillance 101 Poster- Perfect for any IT manager or reseller’s wall, this 36”x24” poster visually covers a range of topics which include details about camera lenses, Analog vs. IP surveillance differences, ways to manage video, pixel resolution, frame rates, camera placement and more.
  • Product comparison tools- The interactive product selector tool asks the user questions to help identify and suggest the right D-Link IP camera for their business security. D-Link also offers up a competitive product comparison tool to authorized resellers of its company.
  • Bandwidth and storage calculator- This will be an intuitive calculating web-based tool which will be useful to calculate bandwidth and storage capacity for surveillance projects.
  • Surveillance Floor planner- This will be an online tool which is designed to simplify and improve the design process of surveillance projects by visualizing camera placement and coverage on floor plans. After selecting a D-Link camera, users can easily drag and rotate it to a proper position on the floor plan and can get the optimal camera field of view by adjusting camera lens and installation settings.
  • 30-day evaluation units- This resource will be helpful to customers who understand the performance of D-Link business products and will help to identify the potential impact on their business network prior to purchase.

With over 2 million IP Cameras shipped, the company hopes that release of new tools and resources will help its customers to further perpetuate its business to new level.

Note- The only highlight in this release is Surveillance Floor Planner (SFP), which according to few security surveillance industry veterans is surely a useful resource to those who are planning to install surveillance solutions in their premises. It not only helps users, but will also prove useful as a forward looking tool to installers and as a promotional highlight to resellers of D-Link camera solutions.

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