Hyper Converged appliance advantages!

Convergence means bundling of storage, compute, network and virtualization to produce a new product. And Hyper- Convergence means creating a data center infrastructure in a single box which can be used by small and mid-level enterprises with limited IT expertise. This helps to manage the virtual environment from one place, and more nodes can be purchased and added as needed. Consequently, this has influenced the growing popularity of these systems over the last year.

Citing the demand for hyper converged infrastructure, StoneFly Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory has come up with Unified Storage & Server Hyper Converged Appliance which helps in consolidating solutions related to server and storage needs into one easy to manage appliance.

StoneFly™ USS also facilitates use of virtualized operating system to allow complete hardware utilization to considerably reduce power/cooling costs. USS flexibility replaces the fixed hardware model of the past with on-demand resource allocation based on the customer’s application needs.

Getting deep a bit technically, customer gets the following hyper convergence appliance advantages from StoneFly™ USS-

  • You can replace your datacenter by migrating existing Windows and Linux physical servers into virtual machines hosted on the StoneFly USS.
  • One can quickly spin up new virtual machine on StoneFly USS.
  • One can use this iSCSI storage as a physical machine, virtual machine to host on third party appliances running VMware, Hyper-V, KVM or Citric XenServer.
  • The user can create numerous delta-based snapshots to back up the iSCSI volumes containing VMs and storage.
  • Synchronous replication of all virtual machines and storage to a second on premises StoneFly USS appliance can be achieved for business continuity.
  • Asynchronous replication of Virtual machines and storage to the cloud or a StoneFly™ USS at a remote site for disaster recovery can be achieved.
  • With the help of high performance hardware RAID, protection of data and increase in system uptime can be achieved.
  • Data can be optimized with award winning and patented StoneFly’s StoneFusion Network Operating system which offers optional enterprise features such as data deduplication, encryption, thin provision and more.
  • Scale out of storage and Virtual Machines across multiple USS nodes can also be achieved.
  • With this appliance a turnkey integrated system can be deployed in minutes. So, customers can deploy virtual machines in just 15 minutes from power-on-versus-data if components were installed separately.
  • USS provides maximum flexibility and agility to your data center. This helps in achieving a more ideal density to cost ratio.
  • StoneFly™ USS offers an intuitive, consumerized user interface for ease of configuration and management.
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