DNF Security offers fanless In-Vehicle PCs for Video Surveillance

DNF Security, a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory and a leading manufacturer of dependable, mission-critical video surveillance solutions offers fanless In-vehicle PCs in its product catalog. This video solution helps in monitoring all the activity which is going in and around your vehicle ranging from a small sized hatch back cars to a large sized goods carrier.

Nowadays, vehicle thefts and roadside vandalism fear is increasing at an alarming rate. So, in order to have a valid video proof of what you have experienced while driving, parking, on/off-road, on/off highway and during you’re halt (even if it is a pit stop), DNF Security Fanless In-Vehicle PCs will prove as the best fit. You can record all the activity on these video surveillance solutions and can thus have video evidence on-hand.

Therefore, with the help of these PCs, you can record everything which you have experienced, from the start of your drive, till the end you pull out.

What’s more? DNF Security Fanless In-Vehicle computing solutions are quite ( as they do not have any moving parts) generate very less amounts of heat which is negligible and are simple to use.

To explain it further, it is a known fact that all computing devices have fans and these fans help in pushing out heat generated from the internal components of a PC to outside environment in order to keep the internal system cool and as per the mandatory temperatures. But the disadvantage with these exhaust fans is that these components, while running generate a lot of noise, pull heavy dust inside and so are not appropriate to be used in environments where heat and humidity are well present.

It is evident that, when a PC is used inside a vehicle for surveillance purpose, it has to produce less heat and should be dust repellant. Thus, a fanless PC solution will be ideal to be used in these environments

  • As they cannot draw-in any dust particles, which could otherwise show adverse affects on performance of a system.
  • The other reason is that they produce almost zero noise and heat while operating.

So, this is where DNF Security Fanless in-vehicle PCs will be ideal to be used.

Fanless In-vehicle PCs are being offered in four variants by DNF Security. The first one is Falcon NV3120-i5; the second is a Falcon NV3100VTC which is a PC with in-built PoE; the third is Falcon NV4022-i5 which is a small factor PC, and the last is Falcon NV4022-i7 fanless PC.

All the above said PCs are high customizable and are being presented by either i5 or i7 processor. They have an 8GB system memory and are enabled with the feature of ignition control with user selectable on/off delay and Ethernet ports for network communications.

These solutions can serve as DVRs, NVRs, video servers and video management systems on commercial vehicles like buses, trucks and in small cars.

To know more technicalities please call 510.265.1122 or click DNF Security Fanless Solutions for video surveillance applications.

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