US Senate votes in favor of Internet Security Surveillance!

US Senate passed a law early this week, which is in favor of the internet security surveillance being carried out by National Security Agency of United States. Unfortunately, the senate could not muster the 60 votes that would have allowed a debate and a vote on the ongoing internet surveillance which is being carried out in the name of NSA Prism activity. So, for those who were against this spying, it is really a bad news.

It is a known fact that all the internet activity along with other communication mediums are being spied upon by NSA in the name of national security. As soon as, Edward Snowden leaked this news to the world in June 2012, US populace started to express privacy concern on this issue.

From the past two years, US Senate is receiving requests to stop the ongoing internet surveillance activity taken up by NSA. But US President Barack Obama said in 2013 that the surveillance was doing more good than harm and so clarified that white house has no plans to drop it for now.

Early this week, the Senate tried to resolve this issue and wanted to impose some curbs on the surveillance activity. But it did not receive enough votes to go against the ongoing surveillance activity and so had to drop the plan of even discussing it.

Moreover, the Senate also rejected the proposal of allowing a bit of transparency in the ongoing surveillance, as 42 votes went against it.

So, for those who are not willing to live in the presence of spying eyes, this development is indeed hard to digest.

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