Data Storage for military applications!

Data Storage is emerging as an increasingly important issue in US Military these days. As the services continue to move to a networked force, US Defense Department leaders are beginning to play close attention to how and where to store the data and images that sophisticated technologies are gathering in enormous quantities. The fact is that data not only has to be stored somewhere in a secured manner, but must also be readily accessible to be valuable.

If we get deep into it technically, data storage can prove as a complicated subject as it touches up issues such as interoperability and information assurance. Additionally, military applications are being driven by several standards and no single standard has been set as a named benchmark. Agencies throughout the government recognize that they must determine how to store the information they have and continue to collect, and be sure that as storage technologies mature this data can be moved to newer devices.

According to Defense Department Officials, one of the key elements in their planning process is to determine the benefits that stored data can deliver. While companies have discovered that the insights that stored data provide increase their bottom line, the military is yet to come to a certainty and explain how the stored data can server their forces. This assessment is the first step towards taking data store into the limelight, they say. However, designing the metrics that can measure the benefits is a quandary itself.

Some Storage Networking veterans say that because information is a lifeline of e-commerce, commercial companies are putting all their data at one place so they can exploit it. The defense sector is just beginning to make this move in a cautious way. The military is examining available data storage products to determine the role they play in the global information grid as well as other networked systems.

It is evident that data storage is one component of network-centric warfare, but it is a concept that is still maturing in different verticals. Many military leaders of most nations recognize that in this digital age, data is a powerful weapon, which can make or break a nation. So, all the bits and bytes generated from intelligence reports have a worthy stand to prove. Therefore, data storage must be viewed as an important part in the information assurance arsenal.

So, the need to have a data storage which allows easy access as well as manages and protects the information is becoming the need of the hour.

DNF Defense, a California based company which specializes in data storage technologies related military and aerospace is one such vendor which is offering cutting edge products to many defense segments in United States. The company, which is a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory, has become a recognized leader in the field, and its philosophy reaches beyond developing the latest product. The company not only focuses on the research and development of specific products in the said arena, but also assesses the powerful effect an information-centric environment can have on achieving results, both commercially and related to military.

DNF Defense offers products that can store war-fighting information from all the sources and can be stored together, managed consistently and securely made available throughout the command structure from a single technological platform.

The highlight of the products offered by DNF Defense is that it offers several essential features for the global information grid and network-centric warfare which differentiate the solutions from conventional and server-centric storage. The information is secured and available throughout the enterprise by consolidating it into one central location, where military units can work in an information-centric environment by leveraging data to achieve operational and mission critical goals rather than spend time and energy on managing technology assets.

Therefore, with the superfluous feature of interoperability, DNF Defense is one of the companies which is making merry in the $40 billion data storage industry related to defense.

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