StoneFly helps in repurposing legacy data storage with the help of highly available IP SAN Gateway appliance

It is a known fact that the value of propositions and benefits of SANs are well known and documented. If you already own a SAN and want to avail its storage benefits to the core, then StoneFly, a pioneer in offering iSCSI Storage and a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory is offering SAN Gateway appliance which allows businesses to easily convert their existing Fibre Channel, SAS or iSCSI storage (irrespective of any company make –EMC, Netapp,…) into their choice of unified iSCSI, Fibre Channel SAN or NAS Storage. Therefore you can get the most out of your existing SAN resources.

This gateway appliance of StoneFly, allows provisioning the storage volumes created by the USC appliance, to any number of applications thereafter.

The built-in features of StoneFly Unified Storage Concentrator SAN Gateway include StoneFly iSCSI, delta based snapshots with mountable read-write snapshot volumes, real-time synchronous campus mirroring of iscsi volumes and nodes, thin provisioning with space reclamation, iSCSI port teaming with failover and load-balancing, as well as advanced storage virtualization service.

The other optional features of StoneFly USC SAN Gateway include Fibre Channel SAN target, hardware enabled block level AES256 Volume Encryption, asynchronous replication, NAS Volume support for CIFS/SMB and NFS protocols, VSS support for quiescing databases, and optimized data deduplication for increased storage efficiency.

Therefore, for those who want to convert their existing storage platform into a block level or a file level storage or even both can take the help of this appliance and convert their current storage into a Unified Storage.

Thus, USC IP SAN Gateway of StoneFly will be an ideal solution to consolidate all your server and storage systems into one easy to manage and redundant appliance with hot swappable mirrored OS drives and power supplies. Moreover, with the privilege to use a virtual operating system, users of this storage appliance can avail the benefit of complete hardware utilization and get considerate reduction in power/cooling costs.

For more product information click on StoneFly USC IP SAN Gateway or call 510.265.1616.

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