NAS storage termed as a perfect backup storage solution for SMBs

Data Backup is essential for any organization, irrespective of the size and the business vertical it belongs to. It is similar to an insurance policy, where one doesn’t need it until something goes wrong, and then you realize just how crucial it was in first place.

They are many instances, where businesses failed to regain their work operations, due to the fact that they lacked data continuity services which proved dearly to the company due to irreplaceable data, lost revenue and productivity.

In short, the premise of backup is simple and that is to duplicate and store important files, in two different places; so that if ones goes down, the other can serve the purpose.

Yet, despite the straight-forward process, IT research and advisory team from Gartner has found that many company based backup systems still leave a lot to be desired. In a published article titled “The broken state of backup”, the firm reported that backup success rates today are only between 75% and 85%, with only three quarters of backup recoveries in some sectors being successful. The rest were only able to recover some- if any- of their data, despite having a backup method in place.

As per a survey conducted by IDC, data generation is taking place at a very fast place. Last year, there was already a reported 4.4 trillion gigabytes of data in the world, and by 2020, the American research firm expects that number to have grown to 44 trillion gigabytes.

Therefore in order to keep up with the overwhelming and constant influx of data, the need for the latest backup and recovery technology is becoming vital. Infact it is turning into a challenge, especially for SMBs where budget is criterion.

Network Attached Storage can prove as a good backup option for small businesses, as it can be used as a first level data storage server for multiple computers on one network. While some NAS devices simply act as a way to backup and share files across your network, others- such as StoneFly Twin Scale Out (TSO) NAS and StoneFly Super Scale Out (SSO) NAS can be presented with an additional functionally such as the ability to stream media and share a printer among networked devices.

StoneFly SSO appliances deliver unprecedented performance and scalability. These appliances can scale out up to 256 drives and 1.5 Petabytes of storage per node can be achieved. Moreover, users of this appliance can also easily scale out to multiple nodes on demand. This company solution is perfect for to manage large quantities of unstructured data within a single global namespace and a single file system. SSO was designed for markets that require large quantities of high bandwidth or fast parallel throughput for very large files required for high performance computing in media and entertainment.

Coming to StoneFly TSO, it is much like SSO, where it delivers unprecedented performance, redundancy and scalability. The TSO consists of mirrored twin scale out NAS nodes that create a clustered replica of your data and scale up to 36 drives and 216 Terabytes of storage per chassis, and easily scale out to multiple nodes on demand. This solution is perfect for managing large quantities of unstructured data within a single global namespace and a single file system.

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