More bang for the buck — VMware or Microsoft?

Found this interesting TechTarget article comparing VMware’s ESX and Microsoft’s Hyper-V. So which server virtualization technology is cheaper?

The comparison shows that while the initial acquisition cost is lower with Hyper-V, the cost of upgrades and management are relatively higher.   

“The hypervisor is not the real cost; the most significant cost in most data centers is actually staffing, so ease of management is much more important than the hypervisor costs, especially in larger enterprises,” said Andi Mann, a research director at Enterprise Management Associates. “Right now, VMware has a broader range of management tools both in-house (not just Virtual Center, but also Lab Manager, DRS [Distributed Resource Scheduler], High Availability, and others) and from third-party management vendors. Microsoft is catching up, as is Xen, but simply does not have that management ecosystem right now.”

Today, analysts say VMware’s management features suits it for large data centers, while Microsoft’s Hyper-V is ideal for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) that don’t need as many management tools. SMB Windows users also benefit from Hyper-V’s tight integration with Microsoft systems management toolset (i.e., Systems Center), Mann said.

What do you think? Read the full article and give us your thoughts/experiences.

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