StoneFly Unified Scale Out SAN and Scale out NAS storage appliance benefits!

A Unified Storage system consolidates file-based and block-based access into a single storage platform and supports Fibre Channel SAN, iSCSI SAN (IP SAN) and NAS networks. It is tucked with the capability to handle file-based and block-based IO of enterprise applications.

In reality, Unified storage is often implemented in a NAS platform that is modified to add block-mode support.

The main advantage of a unified storage is reduced hardware requirements. Instead of a separate storage platform, like NAS for file-based apps, and RAID disk storage for block based storage, a unified storage combines both modes in a single device. Alternatively, even this single-device could be deployed for either file or block storage as required.

Hence, all these reasons are leading to the deployment growth of Unified Storage platforms in the storage industry.

StoneFly Inc, which is a pioneer in offering iSCSI Storage and data storage appliances as per the demand trends of the storage industry is also offering a unified storage platform in its product catalog.

  1. StoneFly USO Unified Scale Out SAN + Scale out NAS storage appliance,
  2. StoneFly USO-HA Unified Scale Out High Availability Cluster SAN+ Scale Out NAS storage appliance and
  3. StoneFly USO-FC Unified Scale Out High Availability Cluster SAN + Scale out NAS storage appliance are the storage appliances available in the company’s product catalog.

All these appliances support the features such as storage consolidation and multi protocol connectivity which drives down costs to astounding levels.

  • Additionally, it facilitates deduplication, storage tiering and virtual provisioning attribute.
  • File-Level compliance, File level restore, Backup and replication feature can also be gained.
  • On an overall note, StoneFly Unified Storage platforms enable operational savings and improve management abilities.
  • StoneFly Unified storage platforms reduce physical server count by supporting virtualization. It supports NFS/CIFS and iSCSI storage protocols. If the organization which is using this platform wants to add Fibre Channel protocol, then StoneFly’s Unified Storage can also support this decision on a full scale.

While experts predict a bright outlook for Unified Storage products, it is likely that dedicated Block-based storage systems will remain a popular choice when consistent high performance and fine control granularity are important considerations.

To know more details call 510.265.1616 or click StoneFly Unified Storage appliances.

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