DNF Professional can help you in your Enterprise Storage installation and configuration

With the advent of big data, enterprises of all sizes are busy focusing more on generating revenue from their data blocks. Therefore, the onus on the enterprise IT teams increases, as the said trend will demand an enlarged storage installation and configuration responsibilities.

It is evident that large companies can afford a dedicated team of storage experts, in their premises. But for those small and medium sized business, who hardly have a dedicated IT team, leave alone a storage expert, the process of storage installation, configuration and maintenance may prove painful.

So, for such SMBs which cannot afford a dedicated team of storage experts, DNF Professional services can prove as a boon.

DNF Professional can not only help in setting up an enterprise storage solution- including a SAN fabric, storage RAID and a network setup; but can also assist the SMB in expanding their existing storage array.

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What’s more, the team of expert engineers from DNF Professional can lend their hand in all types of storage installation and configuration, which includes VTL, disk to disk backup, clustered and mirrored storage arrays. They work with the enterprise IT team to identify the space allocation and forecast, the future needs for initial setup and configuration of the storage.

After the implementation of the equipment infrastructure, a DNF Professional service doesn’t end with it. If needed an experienced team of storage experts from DNF Professional can continue on in a formal or as needed basis to monitor and maintain the re-designed or newly installed infrastructure via remote management, periodic reassessments or optimization planning.

So, no matter for what purpose the data is being stored ( for big date needs or for something business intensive) keep you data safe with the help of Dynamic Network Factory Professional Services.

To know more call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Professional Services.

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