DNF Security Video Management System advantages!

DNF Security, a business unit of Dynamic Network Factory offers network centric video surveillance hardware which support video streaming, monitoring, recording and management features. The solutions offered by DNF Security work with advanced features and functions of the IP Network Infrastructure switches, routers, and other network security devices to enable secure, policy based access to live or recorded video.

DNF Security Video Management Engine (VME) happens to be a core component of the company’s product catalog and performs the following network video surveillance system functions-

  • Compilation and Routing of video from a wide range of cameras and encoders over an IP Network.
  • Securing and archiving the videos in a redundant way.
  • Event Tagging for review and archival purposes.
  • Bandwidth management for both live distribution and historical recording.

Thus, with the help of powerful and advanced capabilities of IP Networks, DNF Security Video Management Engines provide unparalleled video surveillance system flexibility and scalability to support

  1. Deployments that range from small systems to those with thousands of cameras.
  2. Hundreds of simultaneous users accessing live and recorded video.
  3. Can support video codecs such as Motion JPEG, MPEG4 H.264 and H.265( in-future) simultaneously in a single media server.
  4. DNF Security VME can also store conserved events, clippings, record-on-motion and loop-based archival options.
  5. This video management engine can integrate with other security and IT applications using open, standards based API and RTP/RTSP streaming.
  6. As this system is fault-tolerant, greater efficiency can be achieved and maintenance will be much easy.

What’s more? The benefit of DNF Security Video Management Engine or Video Management System doesn’t end here. It provides additional benefits like

  • Increased access to video.
  • Enhanced Interoperability.
  • Integration and synchronization with other security and business applications.
  • Ability to dynamically add cameras and encoders using drive packs.
  • Easy review of tagged events.
  • Secure local, remote and redundant video archives capabilities.
  • For high availability DNF Security offers Dual Video Management Engine called Falcon DVME 200h.
  • For those who need a 1U Gateway video management engine, Falcon VME 400h will be an ideal choice.
  • A 2u gateway video management engine cluster called Falcon VME 400hd Cluster will be an ideal product to choose.
  • For extreme high availability applications Dynamic Network Factory’s Falcon Series Quad Video Management Engine-Falcon QVME 200h will be an ideal solution where surveillance administrators are able to display and manage a large number of megapixel video streams from multiple networks, without any latency or performance benefits.

With support for many surveillance cameras such as ACTI, Avigilon, Arecont Vision; encoders and video management softwares such as AIMETIS, Luxriot, Milestone Systems, Genetec and such- the video surveillance abilities offered by DNF Security allows its customers to build high-quality video surveillance systems that optimize cost, performance and capability.

To know more call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Security.

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