Buying Tips for Enterprise Backup solutions!

Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions are crucial for a business to perpetuate further and so, if organizations are leaning towards upgrading their backup technology significantly, for instance by moving from tape to disk, then it is better if they fore mostly re-evaluate retention cycles, as well as when and how their data should be protected.

The other primary thing which has to be evaluated is what are you looking to solve, fix or address via the technology you are going to acquire? The question must be are you looking to solve, fix or address the problem with the help of latest technology, or are you trying to simply move or mask the problem?

Many users make a major mistake of focusing too much on obtaining something new and then using it in an old way.

Therefore, the factors which weigh heavily in the decision of buying an enterprise backup solution include performance, availability, and capacity needs as well as the product’s ability to interoperate with an incorporate existing hardware, software, networking technology, and infrastructure.

Keeping aside the above said features, data storage industry is nowadays witnessing a new trend of offering backup and disaster recovery services in a single box. Since, both are inter-related and are necessary for business continuity, enterprises which value for data are interested in such solutions, to stay up-to-date with regards to technology.

StoneFly, Inc is one such vendor which is not only going with this notion, but is getting way ahead. It is offering features such as storage, backup and disaster recovery in a single box called StoneFly DR365.

DR365 is the ideal purpose-built Hypeconverged infrastructure solution to consolidate all your server, storage and backup system needs into one easy to manage appliance. It’s a total backup solution to manage an enterprise physical, virtual servers and workstations from a single box. This enables management of backup operations of an enterprise data center or office via a single central management console.

Each node in this Backup and Disaster Recovery appliance will provide anywhere from a few Terabytes all of the way to 1.5 Petabytes of backup and storage capacity for your business. Every node can accommodate any combination of SATA, SAS and SSD storage tiers as required, achieving the performance factor to the core.

DR365 appliances are highly available, as these products are obtainable in integrated, high-availability modular, or scale-out high-availability modular configurations. An embedded hypervisor allows backed-up Virtual machines and new user-created Virtual Machines to be spun up directly on the DR365 appliance.

The storage controller and backup controller provide a wide range of features and functionality for backup, data-management, high-availability and mobility.

Additionally, this backup appliance has the ability to migrate your existing Windows and Linux physical servers into Virtual Machines running directly on the StoneFly DR365appliance and greatly reduces an enterprise hardware footprint and run many more applications on much less hardware.

To know more call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly DR365.

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