Benefits of Storage Consolidation in Video surveillance environments

Video Servers used in conventional surveillance environments can turn into storage islands in reality. Moreover, these capacity storage systems can also lead to a way where cost-affective upgrade is almost impossible, unless an enterprise is ready to add another costly server with storage. Therefore, by leveraging your current enterprise network and consolidating all your storage needs, one can easily handle your escalating surveillance related video storage requirements.

IP Storage or shared storage allows the security admins to migrate video data from a video server to a storage that is on a network. By consolidating hardware resources, a performance increase, availability and utilization across the three parts of a surveillance network i.e camera, video servers and storage can be observed.

By going for a centralized storage, a simpler more effective approach to increase storage utilization, and break down of islands of underutilized storage resources into a centralized repository will be possible. Therefore, sharing of the repository or IP storage volume, enables sharing of storage capacity by multiple video servers. This facilitates storage utility improvisation, streamlining video access and enhancing application availability. The detailed benefits are listed below-

Scalability of storage – If in case the storage needs in your enterprise grow, then the system management can allocate storage without going offline. So, as long as your cameras are capturing footage, your video servers will be recording with sufficient storage.

Controlling the storage – With centralization of IP Storage, security administrators can take control of their storage needs on a complete note and can allocate multiple video servers without suffering downtime or video loss. The admin can also eliminate over-provisioning of storage to a single server, while also eliminating the risk of running out of space.

Access your video anytime and anywhere – Traditional CCTV systems fall short of offering the benefits of networked IP storage, such as remote access and remote video management on any control central workstation. For enhanced monitoring purposes, video footage can be viewed and managed from one centralized location or several remote locations. This accessibility ease is only possible in networked storage and allows security admins to manage video, archives and protect video to meet compliance requirements.

Thus, by centralizing your storage needs, a smart strategy for doing more with less can be obtained. Moreover, enhancement in return on your surveillance investments and management simplification can be observed.

Now, for those who are looking to centralize their video surveillance storage needs, DNF Security offers Seahawk Video Storage appliances in its product catalog. These appliances can serve as centralized storage systems to video servers and can be scaled-up/out on need. These appliances are highly redundant and fault tolerant as they are enriched with RAID features.

DNF Security Seahawk series of appliances can be availed from 16TB capacity to 320TB. So, whether it’s a small business or a large scale surveillance environment, video storage will never be an issue.

Subsequently, for all your IP Video Storage needs for your mission critical video surveillance environments do not hesitate to proceed for DNF Security Video Surveillance solutions.

To know more, call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Security Seahawk Video Storage range.

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