StoneFly Flash Voyager DX SAN Cluster Highlights!

Nowadays, the enthusiasm for all-flash storage appliances is increasing enormously in the storage industry. The reason for this obsession is said to be the way these appliances meet the factor of high availability, especially in banking and communication industry environments.

Even though the craze for these appliances grew up in 2013, the cost-factor of these appliances made the enterprise IT teams select them for only high available environments. But as SSD prices started to fall gradually, OEMs like StoneFly, Inc. started to offer these all-flash solutions meant for high available environments at a more affordable rates. For this reason, the demand for these storage appliances was huge in the past year.

According to IDC, the demand for all-flash appliances is said to increase in this year i.e. in 2015. And the price factor of SSDs will influence the said business to a great extent.

Thus, on foreseeing this trend, StoneFly, Inc, a business unit of Dynamic Network Factory and a pioneer of iSCSI Storage has come up with an all-flash appliance well in advance way back in mid 2014.

StoneFly™ Flash Voyager DX San Cluster happens to be the fifth generation of the StoneFly Voyager series of high-availability cluster appliances. It offers enhanced performance, redundancy, scalability and availability. The Voyager’s scalable architecture brings the flexibility to start small, and scale-up to 200 Terabytes of all flash-based iSCSI and optional Fibre Channel San Storage or over PetaByte of Tiered (SAS and SSD) storage.

The cornerstone of the Flash Voyager DX SAN Cluster appliances is the award winning StoneFusion SAN Operating system. The Voyager’s high performance storage subsystems offer redundant, active/active connectivity for appliance redundancy and increased system performance. Additionally the Flash Voyager DX offers cost-effective expansion via optional flash expansion arrays and flash expansion units.

StoneFly™ Flash Voyager DX has an inbuilt optimized data deduplication technologies for increased storage efficiency. Its dedup capability allows users to fit 5x to 137x more data within the same storage footprint without reducing overall performance. This extreme storage optimization minimizes the cost outlay for flash based disks which are typically more expensive than their spindle based counterparts.

Flash Voyager DX of StoneFly can be used as super fast iSCSI storage for conventional workstations and servers, as well as virtualized machines. It was designed to deliver exceptional performance at an economical price point.

For more details call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly Flash Voyager DX Cluster.

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