Military demands a whole hierarchy of Storage Solutions!

High resolution data capture is creating data deluge in defense sectors located all over the world. As a result, the demand for rugged solutions ranging from SSDs to RAID systems is increasing on a healthy note. Therefore, data storage solution providers offering such solutions meeting the standards of the defense sector are making merry with this trend.

As per IDC, it is estimated that data storage field is said to gain $83 billion business in US and $360 billion business all over the world in the next couple of years.

So, the data deluge caused by high-bandwidth sensor platforms on UAVs, satellites and other systems can be smartly dealt, if storage vendors offer solutions as per requirements. This is possible if memory arrays comprised of RAID module, rotating disks, SSD and sophisticated interfaces are being intelligently tasked to manage and store massive amounts of data.

Basically, they are two ends of the spectrum for today’s military storage implementations. One is low-capacity, low-performance embedded storage boards. The other is higher-capacity, higher-performance, but physically much larger and heavier, external storage boxes or subsystems. However, current flash-based Solid-State Drive technology- combined with optimized storage controller architecture- has fueled the development of embedded storage blades that provide high levels of consistent performance, reliability and capacity.

Moreover, the requirements of telecom have a lot of overlap with rugged military needs. That’s why telco-based ratings like NEBS have relevance in the defense world. For this reason, storage vendors offering solutions for military grade applications are also offering NEBS supportive products used in telecommunication field.

DNF Defense, which is a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory, has the ability to tap these trends in right time. DNF Defense rugged data storage solutions like Apache USS Rugged 2U Server offers ideal hyper converged infrastructure to consolidate all server and storage systems into one easy to manage appliances. With the use of a virtualized operating system, complete hardware utilization and considerable reduction in power/cooling costs can be achieved.

These rugged grade Apache USS Rugged 2U Server and storage solution is capable of operating in environments of extreme temperature, altitude, explosive decompression, shock, vibration, humidity, condensation, dust & air and electro magnetic radiation.

DNF Defense Apache USS is designed for tactical aircraft, multi-engine aircraft, commercial aircrafts, guided missiles, armored vehicles, HMUVs, trucks, warships, and submarines.

Additionally, DNF Defense also offers dedicated solutions for telecommunication sector. Its NEBS complaint systems, which are labeled as Tesla solutions are specifically designed with the telecommunication industry in mind. These easy to deploy and high performance systems help telecoms integrate Next Generation Networks into central office carrier facilities.

With an intuitive browser based remote management interface, system administrators can remotely manage the entire storage solution from anywhere in the world. This includes the feature where retrieval of old copies of deleted files right from your desktop which makes storage and backup easier and reduces demands on system administrators.

For more details please call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Defense Solutions.

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