How to maintain your Server Domain?

For those who want to know some tips to maintain your server, here are some points to catch up. Proper maintenance of server hardware ensures a longer life and decreases risk of problems. Without proper maintenance, the server will not run as smoothly and can often cause large issues that take more time and money to resolve.

Thus, to ensure that your server works perfectly fine, here are some tips to follow-

Make it a routine for preventative maintenance – This is the most important and easiest way to ensure that your server works for longer time. It is evident that servers work all around the clock for 365 days. And with server virtualization trend on the prowl, the question of servers being idle doesn’t arise. Thus, as a result of incessant work functions a lot of heat and dust particles start accumulating in and around the server. The best way to ensure no preventive maintenance is missed is to follow a schedule. Perform all preventative maintenance scheduled up like keeping a check on server temperature. Allow free air flow by keeping the vents clean and by keeping a tab on cooling solutions. Electricity supply free from any kind of voltage fluctuations is a must and that is ensured by properly planning the supply lay out with a backup.

Use management and monitoring tools – Always go for automated use of management and monitoring tools. It is essential to be notified promptly of any issues occurring with your server in real-time when administrating a critical server. Thus, automated notification tools, will ensure that your server stays in good health and is always up the performance mark.

Software patches and critical hardware firmware updates – For those who are using server software related to Microsoft or VMware, the software patches required at the right occasion are always distributed and updated by the said companies on time. Now, all you have to do is to keep your hardware up to date and ensure that your hardware can accommodate the software patches with full compatibility. Contacting the server manufacture is a great way to get up-to-date and accurate information.

Power supply for your server – Servers can kick up power use under high request loads. Don’t over-load your UPS where your server is getting its power. Ensure that your power supply is consistent for all your servers at all times, planning a head for those time when power usage will be at its max.

Ensure you replace components from a reliable source – Review proven compatibility matrices for your server and its maintenance parts. Ensure that replacement part numbers are certified by the OEM to work as compatible replacement units for hassle-free server computing. This will ensure that when there are problems, you always have the hardware you need to fix the problem quickly and accurately.

DNF Professional Services can help

DNF Professional Services can help in your server maintenance and upgrade necessities. According to your enterprise IT needs, if your office needs a complete makeover of server hardware, then DNF Professionals experienced and proficient services project managers can prove as a boon. A team of experts can review your current server environment, assess what you have and what is missing and then start the process of technology selection. The selection will be made by keeping factors such as data migration, server virtualization, performance assessment & optimization, server consolidation, storage consolidation, data security, disaster recovery, business continuity and remote management in mind. The total upgrade and migration pains are taken by DNF Professional, a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory in order to ensure its customer a smooth and hassle-free transition.

The service doesn’t end with the server migration process. But if the customer likes and feels to have the service extended, DNF Corp can also maintain and support the services in full stream.

So, feel free to call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Professional Services.

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