What is iSCSI and the benefits of iSCSI storage?

iSCSI which stands for ‘The Internet Small Computer System Interface’ is now the most popularly used protocol conversing with Storage Area Networks in SMBs as well as in large scale storage environments. It provides all the benefits of Block Storage with TCP/IP compatibility and makes storage consolidation effortless in data center storage arrays, while providing hosts, an illusion, that they are dealing with the locally attached disks. This storage protocol resolves the issues of distance, bandwidth, and standardization at a much lower cost.

The iSCSI protocol maps SCSI commands over a TCP/IP network and utilizes relatively inexpensive Gigabit Ethernet network components to send blocks of data over the IP network.

Therefore, IT staff looking for an alternative to the highly expensive Fibre Channel SANs can go for this iSCSI based SAN solutions which are efficient, fast and are driven by block based data transfer performance standards.

Moreover, by implementing iSCSI, enterprise IT teams can leverage their current network infrastructure investments, while reaping the benefits of future outburst of IP based network storage.

Here’s a sum-up of iSCSI Storage benefits:

  • It reduces the total cost of operation by offering increased storage utilization and manageability functions.
  • Your enterprise IT staff doesn’t require any training to gain extra skills for dealing with an iSCSI Storage. Since, they are already familiar with the TCP/IP technology; they can easily install and manage the network unlike Fibre Channel SAN deployment and management.
  • Since, IP is a universal and non-proprietary technology used globally for the past 30 years, various network storage equipments from different vendors can work seamlessly together.
  • By utilizing Gigabit Ethernet network components, organizations can significantly simplify their network storage environments.

StoneFly Inc., which is a California based company, delivers simple and affordable storage optimization and disaster recovery protection through IP Storage Area Network solutions and that includes iSCSI and Fibre Channel based solutions

StoneFly is a pioneer in offering iSCSI Storage for departments, mid-tier workgroups and enterprise organizations. The solutions embrace exuberant storage features like Snapshot, Mirroring, Encryption, Asynchronization Replication, Deduplication, and Thin Provisioning. The heart of StoneFly iSCSI & Fibre Channel products is an award winning software called StoneFusion operating system. It is through this storage software that the features such as Storage Network Management, storage provisioning, centralized volume management, data migration and storage consolidation can be achieved.

Thus, if you are willing to expand your storage infrastructure or looking to go for a forklift storage upgrade; StoneFly SAN iSCSI & Fibre Channel solutions will act as a one stop solution to consolidate your whole data center into one appliance.

Note – StoneFly is a member of Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) and the founding member of the IP Storage Institute.

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