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IT Infrastructure in enterprises is getting more and more complex with each passing year. Some organizations are finding ways to cope with the complexities by hiring dedicated technical personnel along with the most sophisticated hardware. And some are looking for alternatives like Cloud Computing, which though addresses the issues related to management and investment in a positive way, lack adequate security & integrity factors.

With the increase in number of servers, switches, devices and network components usage, IT decision makers are not only staring at the complexity in managing these components, but are also gazing at the potential points of failure on a day-to-day basis.

Thus, a holistic approach in keeping the IT environment healthy is becoming an enterprise necessity and that is where data center infrastructure management solutions are turning into supportive resources.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) not only protrudes towards infrastructure management graph, but also encompasses the entire IT infrastructure. It includes energy management, asset management, availability management, risk management, service management, supply chain management and IT automation into its service span.

A DCIM can help IT decision makers in the following way:

  • It helps in creating workflows for, and automates routine procedures such as installation of data center equipment. Thus, this eliminates human errors and saves much of your It personals precious time.
  • It helps in calculating the future scenarios faced by your IT environment such as capacity planning and helps in readying your IT team to face the toughest.
  • It helps in optimi9zing energy consumption, minimizes carbon footprint and helps in managing expenditure on energy.
  • On an overall note, the main objective of your business can be fulfilled with the help of a DCIM.
  • It can help on examining a dashboard view of the entire IT infrastructure making it easy to isolate a particular asset and examine it in detail.

Dynamic Network Factory with its long history in Infrastructure management can fulfill all your organizations monitoring, capacity planning, physical and virtual infrastructure needs with simplicity. And it does this in a cost-efficient, reliable and professional manner so as to lower the TCO and maximize the ROI from your enterprise IT Infrastructure.

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