Why do we need better business intelligence?

In simple terms, when businesses irrespective of their size and vertical lack enough information to make the right decision, then Business Intelligence (BI) happens to be the right tool to consider. It helps to overcome all difficulties in acquring the needed information and gives you the best possible insight and basis for decision.

There are several benefits a Business Intelligence solution offers and are as follows-

Helps in sharing info in an efficient and effective way across your organization – BI makes it easy for everyone to access and analyze up-to-date info anytime, anywhere. Everyone throughout the company can participate in decision making in a synchronized way.

Empower enterprise employees – Providing employees with access to analytical data that is readily available and understandable allows them to work more effectively and support the overall business growth strategy.

Simplify collaboration, sharing and improves alignment with a single source for accurate financial and operational info – Having a single centralized location allows you to monitor your key performance indicators, access reports, analyze data and share documents. All of the functional areas are aligned to articulate strategies, set objectives and monitor the organization’s performance so you can make better informed and timely decisions that support your overall business strategy.

Helps in gaining insights to understand and analyze your business performance and the opportunities to explore – BI helps in analyzing and evaluating information that is more accessible and easy to interact with to make strategic and tactical decisions.

Helps in delivering meaningful analysis and reporting and it can track and analyze KPIs against key business goals to gain a better understanding of how your business is performing today and not when it’s too late to impact performance.

Many companies rely solely on the most widely BI used tools, the excel spreadsheet. While excel offers graphs, charts and pivot tables which assist in decision making, it may not act as a gradient to scale your business. Also, compiling data from multiple disparate databases is time consuming and is prone to errors. However, Excel is still a key component of a total BI solution.

Now, for those who are looking to capitalize on these BI solutions, Dynamic Network Factory can help in offering the best assistance, as it has tremendous expertise in BI, data warehousing and analytics arena. DNF has vendor-agnostic and platform agnostic capabilities which help business organizations analyze millions of bits of information in real-time and make better predictive assumptions on the future. These insights and assumptions help organizations gain the much needed edge in today’s highly crowded and competitive marketplace and evolve from a market leader to an industry leader.

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