StoneFly M-Series Disaster Recovery backup appliance highlights!

StoneFly, Inc., a subsidiary of IT equipment and Services providing Dynamic Network Factory is offering an entry level affordable backup appliance called StoneFly M-series DR Backup. This appliance acts as a total backup solution for all your physical, virtual server and workstation needs. Hence, with this single box you can manage all of your backup operations for your data center or office with a single central management console.

StoneFly M-Series supplies up to 24 Tera Bytes of integrated backup and storage capacity for your business. It automatically creates backup images of physical servers based on flexible user-defined policy. These images can be restored to the same hardware, to dissimilar hardware to build a new server, or can be mounted onto an external hard drive.

StoneFly, a pioneer in offering iSCSI Storage offers it’s M-series of backup appliances with the ability to convert backups into virtual machines that can be quickly spun up and hosted on a virtual appliance. Hence, this feature will prove much resourceful for business continuity in production environment if a physical server or workstations goes down and needs to be repaired. Replica Virtual Machines can also be used for any testing the user might choose including non-invasive compliance testing.

M-series DR and backup engine of StoneFly comes with features such as snapshot, one-pane management, SSL-encryption, data deduplication at the source and target, compression, and much more.

Of the available data optimization technologies, data deduplication offers the greatest potential to deliver substantial and recurring impact on the cost and manageability of data growth. By reducing storage capacity, organizations will enjoy related cost reductions in areas including storage licensing, storage management, power, cooling, and data center floor space. Data deduplication makes it much more affordable to store, analyze, manage and house your data. StoneFly’s M-Series DR Backup Appliance offers data deduplication at both the source and at the target to optimize deduplication at both locations. Data Deduplication at Source – This deduplication is performed on the server or workstation as it is being backed up to reduce network load as duplicate data is not transferred over the network. Data Deduplication at Target – This deduplication is directly performed on the M-Series Backup Appliance after a backup is completed. The storage is analyzed, duplicate data is indexed and removed, and then the data store is compacted to release newly available blocks.

The other highlights of this appliance include:

  • Backup all your virtual and physical machines with disk level snapshots including operating systems, applications and data.
  • With the help of compression and deduplication the volume of backup data can be reduced by up 90% and maximum backup speeds can be achieved.
  • StoneFly™ M series of backup appliance facilitates the usage of backup operations of all your physical and virtual machines from a single centralized backup management console.
  • This appliance has the ability to create sector-by-sector backups for an exact copy of your disk or volume including unused space.
  • With the help of granular and file-level backing feature, specific files and folders or even network shares can be backed up.
  • You can manually exclude non-essential files or folders from your backups.
  • You can schedule backups on hourly, daily, weekly and on event based.
  • You can balance all backups with bandwidth and disk-write speed throttling.
  • For those who are more concerned about the security factor, StoneFly Z series of backup appliances posses SSL encrypted data transmissions over the network and 256-bit AES encryptions for backups.
  • With the presence of change block tracking feature the volume of the backed up data can be reduced.

In terms of data recovery, StoneFly™ M series DR backup appliances offer the following privileges:

  1. Restoration of individual files, folders, volumes or an entire system from any point of time is possible with these appliances usage.
  2. Optional specialized backup agents for SQL, Exchange, SharePoint and Active directory provide reliable recovery of configurations, databases, or individual items such as an email message, table, document or domain controller. This feature is automatically included with VMware and Hyper-V Backup agent licenses.
  3. You can recover a file or system from any point in time using incremental or differential backups. Backup images can be mounted as local read-only or read-write volumes.
  4. With the presence of Bare Metal Recovery feature an entire system can be completely restored to the same hardware, or even to a brand new system with dissimilar hardware by injecting drivers to support the new hardware (Physical to Physical – P2P).
  5. In order to minimize downtime, fast bare-metal restore and active restore traits help to recover blocks pertinent to booting the system and applications.
  6. The other highlight is that Backups of Virtual Machines can even be restored to a completely different Hypervisor platform.
  7. Protect your data and increase system uptime with high performance hardware RAID.
  8. Your IT team can copy backup images to tapes or portable hard drives for an additional level of disaster recovery. Those tapes or external hard drives can then be transported off of the premises to be safely stored in offsite vaulting. If a catastrophe strikes, those offsite backups can then be used to restore your data on a new machine.

For more details call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly M Series DR Backup Appliance.

Note – Even if you are not based in United States, do not worry. StoneFly Products and Support is available in Europe, Asia and Australia as well as in Middle East.

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