Improving storage efficiency in an enterprise IT environment with Unified Storage Server concept

Enterprises businesses are nowadays generating a lot of data in their premises. Irrespective of the field it belongs to, each enterprise is becoming highly dependent on the data it is generating, due to its business value. In fact, we can also see it in this way- that means, businesses are learning to reap in some value from their generated data. Therefore, in order to meet the data generation standards, the need to store the data in an efficient and affordable way turns vital.

The best approach is to use a storage system with four main features: a unified platform, space-saving technology, flexibility, and low upfront costs. Together, these features ensure efficiency and save money.

The best way to improve storage efficiency in a cost-effective way is to go for a Unified Storage server concept. A unified storage platform allows you to consolidate your enterprise IT servers and storage needs into a single hardware platform. This in-turn helps in reducing power consumption, cooling requirements, rack-space and overall cost compared to systems with separate physical servers and physical storage.

Space saving centralized storage – As said in earlier paragraph, instead of using several servers for enterprise application, using a single server along with storage- the Unified Storage Server model makes a lot of sense. These intelligent appliances are driven by software in such a way that they can also cut down the storage needs for different applications with the help of technologies like Thin Provisioning and Deduplication. That means you can store large volumes of data for less money.

Having a scalable storage – As your business grows, data starts to accumulate simultaneously. The traditional answer is to re-organize your data and buy separate units for different data types. This makes your data storage more complex and expensive in both hardware and time. But with Software defined storage solution backed up with a Unified Storage and server concept, this task turns simple. As you application grows, allocation of storage is possible. If an application fails to live up to the expectations, its storage can be administered to other applications.

StoneFly, Inc., offers USS Series of Unified Storage & Server appliances with capacities up to 192TB and available in 6GB SATA, SAS or SSD combinations. StoneFly USS is a highly available and redundant solution, in terms of storage. The company is a pioneer in offering iSCSI storage and so its Unified Storage & Server appliances are the ideal hyper-converged infrastructure solution to consolidate all of your Server and Storage systems into one easy to manage appliance.

Use of virtualized operating systems allows for complete hardware utilization and considerable reduction in power and cooling costs. By migrating your existing Windows and Linux physical servers to VMware-compatible Virtual Machines on the StoneFly USS appliance, you can greatly reduce your hardware footprint and run many more applications on much less hardware.

Campus mirroring to a second on-premises StoneFly USS appliance and asynchronous replication to a USS appliance at a remote site or in the cloud makes the USS the perfect business continuity and disaster recovery solution.

To know more call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly Unified Storage Server appliance.

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