DNF Corp offers IT Infrastructure to defense sector!

Data Storage is emerging as an increasingly important issue in the US military sector. As the defense field is getting close towards a networked force, U.S. Defense Department leaders are beginning to pay close attention to how and where to store the accumulating vital info and images that sophisticated technologies are gathering in enormous quantities. After all, the data related to dense field should not only have to be kept somewhere, but it also must be readily accessible to be valuable.

According to Defense Department officials, one of the key elements in their planning process is to determine the benefits that stored data can deliver. While companies have already discovered that the insights that stored data provide increase their bottom line, the military has yet to ascertain and explain exactly how stored data can serve the forces. This assessment is the first step toward taking data storage into the limelight, they say. However, designing the metrics that can measure the benefits is a quandary in itself.

Military leaders all over the world have started to recognize that in this information age, data acts as a powerful weapon. So, once the intelligence has been gathered, reports have been created and collaboration taken place, the bits and bytes must be saved in a secure place. Therefore, data storage must be viewed as an important part in the information assurance arsenal as well.

In enterprise data storage environment, a server-centric storage approach is followed. This approach supports enterprise connectivity, which means that users can concurrently connect to and store and retrieve data from all major computing platforms. In a similar way, on knowing the benefits with such approach, military units are working in an information-centric environment so they can leverage the data to achieve operational and mission goals rather than spend time and energy managing technology assets.

Thus, with the enterprise information storage capability, the military can reduce the number of required personnel to handle the data. Also, if the data is in a central location, it can be made available to more people in the right format and at the right time. Thus, with this approach quick access to information can be reciprocated which could reduce the duration of an operation, saving both time and money.

Thus, the storage for defense sector must exhibit the following qualities:

  • Enable and support the Army’s initiative to virtualize its entire infrastructure, so that it uses little to no actual physical space in the field.
  • Be able to move from place to place and operate on its own anywhere in the world at any given time.
  • Be free of excess weight.
  • Operate on only the power that Army units take with them into the field.
  • Be easy to deploy and manage, especially for IT-skilled soldiers with little to no experience in storage.
  • Most importantly, it must be highly available with no single points of failure to enable the Army to communicate and operate without interruption in the field.

Dynamic Network Factory Corporation (DNF Corp) has been a supplier of rugged and extreme environment IT systems for nearly two decades. Their hardware and expertise has been used in threat detection and recognition systems, deployed command and control systems for naval defense, information warfare technology, and advanced countermeasure systems.

DNF Offers Rugged NAS/IP SAN/Server Converged Architecture Platforms with the feature of MIL-STD-810F Compliance; specifically designed for harsh shipboard, airborne, or land-based applications. These easy-to deploy, and high performance systems come with all aluminum construction, shock and vibration resistance, and offer superior cooling and EMI/EMC (Electromagnetic Interference/Electromagnetic Compatibility) Performance.

Additionally, DNF Corp also offers dedicated solutions for telecommunication sector. Its NEBS complaint systems, which are labeled as Tesla solutions are specifically designed with the telecommunication industry in mind. These easy to deploy and high performance systems help telecoms integrate Next Generation Networks into central office carrier facilities.

Thus, DNF offers systems which are perfectly designed to quench Terabytes and even Petabytes of storage needed in Military Defense applications.

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