Benefits of using smart video surveillance systems in banks and financial institutions!

Banks and financial institutions such as insurance firms face a variety of challenges, including fraud, theft and even every-day accidents such as slips and falls.

Therefore in order to protect the high-valued assets, employees and customers, plus to ensure the highest levels of customer service and efficiency, modern-day financial institutions are leveraging on the technology of video surveillance that is smarter and more intuitive than past systems.

Today’s surveillance solutions provide a comprehensive, real-time view into a banking facility, and serve to all the strict needs of the financial market.

Following ways can help in creating smarter, more intuitive video surveillance systems for banks & financial institutions –

  • Maintain a standard security management across multiple sites – Banks will encourage more effective security management if all the branched sites go with the same security protocol and employ the same technology. This not only improves the level of security, but also helps banks stay in compliance with various state and federal regulations.
  • Consolidate multiple systems and sensors onto one security management platform – Basically financial institutions use hundreds of systems and sensors to help safeguard their assets in different branch offices and locations. If the data gathered from these different sections is consolidated and streamlined, it would prove more beneficial. So, by investing on a security management platform that consolidates every device and sensors, banks can gain a comprehensive view into the safety and operations of their entire enterprise. This helps enable better security, faster incident response and improved protection against theft and fraud.
  • Using video analytics – Video analytics is turning into a savior these days. It automatically alerts security operators when pre-defined rules are broken. For example, if the system detects movement in a bank after hours, it alerts the security personnel or the cops in real time so they can respond accordingly. This serves as a force multiplier for financial institutions and helps enable them to immediately detect as well as respond to incidents even in the absence of a security guard.
  • Helps in simplifying management operations – Advanced video surveillance systems can also simplify management operations for banks and financial institutions. For example, the system can alert management when teller queues have grown too long, and video surveillance trends can be analyzed to help ensure that the bank is staffed appropriately during busy times.
  • Remove video operations – Financial institutions need to be able to quickly and easily access video data from remote sites, including branches and ATMs. The higher authorities can have a video of live and recorded videos from multiple cameras simultaneously. Therefore, by accessing videos associated with specific events or individuals, operators can more readily investigate incidents and effectively respond.

In order to get the best out of their surveillance systems, financial institutions should approach the best companies which provide mission critical video surveillance solutions.

DNF Security offers Video Surveillance solutions to financial institutions to help improve situation management, to better protect themselves and operate as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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