Importance of Virtualized Storage!

In a traditional storage environment, each individual device is managed and deployed individually, whereas, in a virtualized storage environment, storage resources are pooled together and managed as one. Thus, this arrangement simplifies complex storage arrangements, allows greater availability and automation, improves the utilization of storage and minimizes downtime.

Infact, in the last couple of years, storage virtualization has captured the attention of CIOs and IT Managers around the world. The reason is that they want to take the advantage of this technology to the fullest, due to the following benefits-

Data MobilityStorage Virtualization makes it easy to move, mirror or copy data from one location/device to another on a quick note, without stopping/interrupting the work functions of any application.

Simplified Provisioning – Storage Virtualization makes storage provisioning quick, easy and flexible. An enterprise IT can expand volumes, or batch-create volumes when required, and then securely assign them to different servers using different network interfaces.

Data Recovery gets simplified – With snapshots and image backups, data recovery becomes easy and flexible while maintaining integrity.

Storage Classification – With the help of this technology, it will become easy to categorize physical disk devices based on usage, cost or performance; thereby eliminating human error and the wrong allocation of resources.

Will offer cost benefits – By a virtualized storage, a more centralized approach can be obtained. It also eliminates the fragmented and costlier approach of having separate DAS, SAN and NAS topologies, each of which require their own storage devices and management protocols. It is an ideal solution for enterprise and mid sized network environments grappling with complex storage systems.

Therefore, if you are confused on how to transform your IT storage configuration with the help of virtualization, approach Dynamic Network Factory (DNF Corp).

With the help of its:

DNF Corp can help you in gaining the benefits of storage virtualization to the fullest and will assist your organization in gaining the much needed edge in today’s competitive marketplace.

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